Is marriage a necessary part of life?

I don’t think so Marriage is necessary part of life.

Reasons are-

  1. Everyone have external marital affairs.
  2. Most of the men/women independent and likely to live as accordingly.
  3. Relatives and family bother towards marriage at critical level, after that no one cares.
  4. As a single you might take care when you are sick, after marriage you have to take care yourself and others too when you are sick.
  5. Marriages are just as a business to sell yourself in a bargaining way.
  6. Divorces are very common.
  7. Women wants grooms like Will Smith and Men wants bride like Wonder Woman.
  8. In old age, no one cares even your child too might be they stay in different countries.
  9. In shorts, you have to manage yourself either you are Men or Women.
  10. So stay happy and be successful as a Single like PM Shri Narendra Modi, Mother Teressa, Ms Lata Mangeshkar, Ms Tabbu, Mr Salman Khan, Ms Sushmita Sen, Randeep Hooda and many more.
  11. Its okay to be single instead of You are in wrong relationship.
  12. Take Care and stay wealthy with healthy mind.

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