What’s the best thing to wear on a date? The sexiest?

Girls want to marry themselves out, but also marry well, marry happily, and learn to use the dress to woo Han which is a killer skill! Since it is flirting, it should be appropriate, not revealing. (here too ruined three views, IMAGINE the ILLUSTRATION by ONESELF) WRAP TOO STRONG CERTAINLY NOT. So what to do? Let’s take a look at the color of the thousand shells for everyone to summarize the kill skills. The best single product is a V-shaped collar, just the right opening, neither exposed, nor sexy good.

Must kill skill 2 Deodorant shoulder

The popularity of off-the-shoulder wear is evident on the runways and in the summer collections of major brands. Some fans say that fashion is sometimes like fried rice. After a few years, the old things are turned out and fried to heat up. You may still have your off-the-shoulder outfit in your closet! Dig it out!

3. Show your arms

The shoulder and arm of this family, with the hot shoulder, the pattern arm is also new.

Well, at this point, I can only say that the most fashionable thing this summer is probably the “slight”. As if not showing a little, not enough fashion. When girls are dating, they have to pay attention! After getting this gist, we also need to understand visual marketing itself. It is said that women are emotional animals, and men are visual animals. So how to make their visual image successful to hold back the other party, so that he has a deep desire for you, this needs to use the common sense of color psychology.

Such as:

If you were to dress all in black, you would have the immediacy of attending a funeral!

Or if you accidentally dress up in red again, it will make people think you are too pushy or going to a wedding.

This doesn’t work, that doesn’t work, so what do we do? It is also very simple, to know that red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet, red represents passion, orange represents sunshine, yellow represents joy, green represents peace, blue represents caution, and purple is noble, but also lonely and proud. So, none of these colors are suitable for dating. What’s the most important thing about dating? Building feelings, of course. No matter whether you have feelings for him or not, let him have feelings for you, even if the date is successful. Since it is to create feelings, there is nothing more appropriate in the world than pink. What pink, pink, coral, gouty, is pink

Like Reese Witherspoon’s pink suit from Legally Blonde. But kindly warn, the pink proportion is too much, also a little too much, can easily become a uniform temptation.

The proportion below 30% is the most appropriate. Reese Witherspoon wore this more sophisticated outfit.

In addition, the position of pink also has a relationship with the effect you want to achieve, which you can never ignore. The color of the thousand shells summarizes 3 key positions, which can be no problem showing the sultry skills!

Key position 1 Lip

“Descendants of the Sun” is nearing the end, the state has also reached the peak of the Korean drama, has what overlord president fell in love with the little sister, the strange role of the alien fantasy, all far away, can be called “flirting” god drama. When Song Hye-Kyo first asked Song Joong-ki out, she wore a simple white T-shirt, so she chose to put romantic pink on her lips. Song Hye-Kyo’s pink lips in the whole drama have attracted male fans, and the red wine kiss is destined to become a classic. And the second date with a man god home, but also lit candles. When you think about what should happen, the goddess directly dumped the male god on the third date. This desire for love, even if it tickles people’s hearts, no wonder Wuli Zhongkioba will sigh, “I am afraid it is not a chance.” Visible, pink lips makeup, collocation love skills, must be invincible!

Key position 2 Chest

A pink shirt, T-shirt, scarf, silk scarf, and other soft things, that appear on the chest, cand an also be just right to show the charm of women!

Key position 3 Wrist Wrist is where the main artery is located, there is a trace of slight beating. When the heart beats faster, so does the pulse. So this position is also a key position for sexiness. In this position, with a little pink, casual fingertip touch, plus the cute effect of pink, it is difficult to pull down! Finally, after working so hard for so long, I have summarized such super practical dry goods for everyone, but it is not quick to use! If you can help kiss your future husband, Xiao Bian will wake up with a smile. You don’t have to thank me, share it out quickly, flirting with each other is happy!

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