Why do so many marriages end over money? Is money more important than love?

It seems like money but it is the faith and the trust that is missing. True love is missing.

Life is so full of ups and downs, for everyone. No one can ever assure you only happiness.

Life is dual by nature. If there is sorrow it will be followed by Happiness. If there is darkness it is always followed by Day. If there is hatred, give it time, it will change into love.

When we get married we all take an oath in the name of god that we will be there for each other in good the bad and the ugly as well

They why abandon your better half when they need you the most in their lives. Is this good Karma? What if the other partner dumped you when you are low on cash? Does material possessions really define a person ‘s worth.

You sure walk out of a marriage where your partner doesn’t have time for you.

There is not enough tenderness left in the marriage.

You are feeling lonely and you have become very sensitive. You put up a farce face and try to hide your pain.

There is no companionship left. Your spouse no longer feels like your best friend.

First of all, please donot let your marriage go that far.

We need to have PATIENCE. In Life, everything happens with due course of time and not when we want or need it.

Life is so much like a Jigsaw puzzle. It’s very difficult to understand each and every single incident. But when you put it all together, you would realize that without the previous challenges you would have never been ready to be at top and handle everything in a winning manner.

The other day I was at a party. My friend had invited all of us for his wife’s birthday party.This was his Wife from the second wedding. Very grand function and he pampered his wife a lot, spoke very high of her in the party. Someone heard his Ex saying how I wish I had not left him.

The reality was his Ex just dumped him, had multiple affairs while this guy was trying very hard to establish himself. Now after 10 years this gentleman became a celebrity because his wife encouraged him all the time. She took full interest in his business, enjoyed everything he had and commanded more respect than he did. This was purely due to the transformation she brought in him by motivating him.

Where as his Ex worked 2 jobs to make ends meet.

Thus it is very important to stick together and win together.

If one of the partner is failing the other one must pitch in encourage and work harder.

Please never leave you spouse when heir she is down.

Even if you leave there is absolutely no guarantee that you will be happy alone.You May have money. But your children will not have a home. Now they have two homes but no love.Divided attention, lonely and frustrated single parents.

Please think money can be managed with hard work and planning, children get devastated. Then it is very difficult to hone them. They have lot of emotional issues which parents will have to deal with. It can be a bigger mess than you can handle that to as a single parent.

Compared to other issues in marriage financial crisis can be resolved. Lot easier and less challenging than emotional vacuum and lack of acceptance. If there is enough sex , respect, and togetherness, everything takes a back seat.

The minute, you feel taken for granted,lack of attention, lack of love, physical intimacy. That’s it.

End of the story. Every small issue seems to blow out of proportion.

The major reason is lack of attention and togetherness.

Money is just the symptoms of the disease. But disease to be cured is greed for material things. The very nature of an untrained human mind is to go after things we don’t have. We need to train the mind to learn contentment at some level.

Let us live our life with the standards that we set for ourselves and not let others dictate to us our values and standards. This way we will have more happy homes.

1 Not giving enough priority to the marriage itself.

2. Not enough of quality time together.

3. Once a week at least make it a priority to go on a Date with your spouse. The one and the only thing you discuss on that date is ‘ How amazing your partner has been to you all these years.What you both can do together to make each other happy.

May be a nice 1 hour massage for each other.

May be a hot fun filled session of couple yoga together.

May be a new dish together in the kitchen.

May be invite your friends or loved ones and pamper them.

May be a good session of swimming together.

Marriage needs a strong FOUNDATION. Once that is in place. Nothing can shake you.

A strong foundation can be created with memories of love , care, tender moments together. The minute you are angry with your spouse, these sweet memories will work like healers.

But if you haven’t spent any worthwhile time together in your marriage, then unfortunately there is no emotional currency left in your mind and spirit for a crisis.

So please constantly create LOVE currency all the time and keep it cherished for the hard times.

Well, whatever works for the two of you TOGETHER.

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