Does a girl’s attitude fade after a first date?

Originally, dating is the best time to upgrade the relationship with girls, but many guys find that girls suddenly become very cold after the first date, and even chat has become affectionate. What is the reason?

What is the reason why girls become cold after dating

1. Let the girl down on the date

Some guys may be so good at chatting online that they can get a girl to say yes to a date. But when it comes to offline dating, the performance is not satisfactory. Let girls feel disappointed.

For example, online chat is to have a certain amount of time to think about how to reply to girls, accumulate some jokes or spend some time chatting with women, you can chat well with women; However, in face-to-face chat, what affects women’s feelings is not like online chat, which mainly comes from words, pictures, expressions, etc., but is more complex, such as men’s voice, intonation, facial expression, body language, eyes, grasp of the rhythm of chat and grasp and guide of emotions during the chat. This contrast can cause women to become less interested in you and start to be cold after the date.

2. Misbehaving on a date

Some guys think that when a girl agrees to a date, she is accepting herself. So on the date performance is very casual, says some things shouldn’t say, some things shouldn’t do, and then leave a bad impression on the girl.

1. Reduce contact and weaken girls’ bad emotions. It is important to know that after the first date, women often change their attitude toward men in two ways: more positive or more negative. After all, the relationship between men and women is like rowing against the current. If you don’t advance, you retreat. If you are strong in all aspects and have the skills and experience to attract women, you do a good job in the process of dating to bring women happiness, even love experience, women are attracted to you, naturally will be more favorable to you.

t if your comprehensive strength is not strong, and you have no skills and experience in attracting women, it is normal to make mistakes and cause women to react negatively to you. This is the process and stage you have to go through. If dating gives women some negative effects, exposes too strong intentions to girls, and the dating process is awkward, etc. Such bad emotions may have a greater impact on women at the time or in a short time after the date. Over time, such unpleasant emotions will slowly weaken, which is conducive to weakening the bad impression of you in the woman’s mind, thus providing you with new opportunities to get her.

2. To strengthen the construction of the heart, believe in the possibility of more nothing is impossible, especially in a relationship, but there are a lot of men who belong to the heart of that kind of glass, make track for a woman after some time after less than, or the other to his response is not good enough, then gave up or simply delete the contact way of the woman, the man deserved to prick silk for a lifetime. Why do you have a chance to get a woman who is temporarily impossible to you in the emotional world?

① Women’s bad feedback and emotions toward you are only temporary. People are not easy to hold grudges and remember negative things, especially women, many women can not even remember English words, let alone bad behavior and impression.

② Your rookie status is only temporary. If you can’t attract women because of your dishes, face up to your situation, and then learn and change, and improve your ability to attract women.

③Dodon’t give up speaking out of turn, when the pursuit of a woman, don’t compromise each other bad feedback, never give up, but not to take each other as the only option, in the emotional world who all have the right to choose who, each other is not an option, you respect her choice, if you like her, continue to love, but you are not prick silk, less the woman you can’t live, So being more positive about life and getting to know other women or not being trapped in one woman is the attitude that an attractive man should have, and once you do that, you will be more attractive to women.

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