Is money important in a relationship, especially in marriage?

There are 3 things which can make or break a marriage:

(A) Money – needed for everyday living including; paying the rent or mortgage, paying your bills, buying food & clothing, entertainment, travel, transportation, children cost a ton of money, medications if you get sick and general survival. When one spouse is a saver and the other is spender, there can be great conflict, so yes, money is very important in marriage.

(B) Infidelity – staying faithful to your chosen spouse. Both men & women have fallen victim to the temptation. Having an affair will definitely ruin the trust and many marriages fail because of it.

(C) Compatibility – is not as convoluted as people think. Its merely the ability & desire to live together as a couple with common goals and expectations. One of the main reasons for divorce in 2022 is the realization that the person you married is NOT the person you thought he was. In other words, while dating & courtship, either one (boy or girl) misrepresented themselves to the other. I have seen this happen many ~ many times.

Short story . . .

A young woman, got a college degree and worked her way up in the company. Eventually, she bought a house on an acreage. She was an avid dog-lover and had (3) beautiful dogs. She also enjoyed a clean house, order, peace & quiet and calm.

Then she met a great guy and they dated for (approx) 2 years before getting married. Because he lived in an apartment and she owned a house, they decided to move into her house. Within 3 years they divorced.


Because he was not the person he presented himself to be. He paid half of the bills alright, but all of his free money was spent on things he wanted; video games, a new game player, drinking with his male friends, weekends spent lounging in front of the TV, playing sports or going to sporting events. He never wanted to spend time with his new wife, because as he put it; “they were married now and all the (dating) romance was unnecessary.”

Second, he was a slob at home leaving clothing all over the floor, dirty underwear in the bathroom, snacks and garbage in the living-room and helping with dishes or other housework was so distasteful, that he refused to do it. His wife would come home from work and have to clean up after him.

No matter how much she begged or pleaded with him to “clean-up his own mess” he simply didn’t do it. According to him, he didn’t see the need to be constantly cleaning & the other excuse was “its not that dirty, or I’ll get to it later.”

The last straw was the dogs. He decided that he didn’t actually like the dogs and merely tolerated them. When she was at work he would yell at the dogs or put them outside so he could watch TV in peace. If the dogs had an “accident” in the house, he refused to clean it up. When she came home, he would inform her that the puppy pee’d on the floor and it needed to be cleaned up.

She kicked him out of the house and never looked back. This is a perfect example of two people who were NOT compatible in the least. In my opinion COMPATIBILITY is the most important thing in marriage!

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