How to save money on a date with a girl? A detailed guide to low-cost dating?

I have been exposed to two kinds of people who can date cheaply :(this is not what I am going to teach you because it is not the method applicable to the general public) the girl who is 1 or 2 points lower than her value. At this point, to be equal to you in terms of value, she will offer to treat you to dinner. This feeling is the so-called “diaosi kneeling licking goddess”, but this is “female diaosi kneeling licking male god”. I think, if you are a male god, you don’t need to see this recipe.

Their value is very high, and the girl is also very high. At this time, because both parties do not care about the money of a meal when the woman wants to eat something, she directly tells the man that she will treat him and then the two go together. I don’t think you need to read this recipe if you are a person of very high self-worth.

So, what’s my low-cost dating recipe?

First, let’s get to the core of the idea of low-cost dating:

1. Going Dutch in a twist (traditional Dutch will only make the woman think you are cheap and stupid). This allows the woman to bear a large portion of the cost of dating, which is the most direct reduction.

2. Use novelty and fun to replace a high-end atmosphere.

3. Change the food category.

4. Change the activity category.

5. Replace big gifts with small, uninterrupted surprises.

6. Get the idea that it’s perfectly normal for a girl to pay on a date, and because she enjoyed the date so much, it’s perfectly natural for her to pay.

7. Use each date as a lead-up to the next.

Let’s talk about it bit by bit, and I’ll talk about each point in great detail.

Next, we’ll start with the first point: 1. Go Dutch. What I mean by going Dutch in disguised form is not that after you eat a 200 yuan meal, each of you pays 100 yuan, which is not only silly but also very stingy. Our disguised Dutch system is that you pay for one item and I pay for another. Let’s say you invite a girl to dinner, and then she invites you to a dessert or a movie. This has always been a thing easier said than done. To make all the male compatriots can achieve a good effect, I developed two schemes, which can achieve the effect of the disguised AA system.

Plan A: After you have finished eating, you are ready to check out (this is when you should be ready to get up or take out your wallet). Of course, if you ask the waiter to come over, check out first. In short, you need to take money out of the wallet, or put change into the wallet and say to the girl, “Please take me to the movie later.” Yes, it’s as simple as that. Trust me, if a girl wants to go out with you, she’ll say yes. This scheme is more suitable for thick-skinned boys. Let’s analyze plan A: We said this sentence to the girl when we were sorting out the purse. At this time, our eyes were looking at the purse instead of the girl. So from the girl’s point of view is that you inadvertently tidy up your wallet when subconsciously saying such a sentence, so this sentence will seem particularly natural.

And because you say such a sentence when you are organizing your wallet, the girl will subconsciously think that you just took out the money, so she will feel embarrassed, and at this time you just put forward a request to let her treat, so she will also agree because of the embarrassment just now.

I also have Plan B for those guys who are comparing their faces.

Plan B: After you eat dinner, you go to the cinema or to the place where you eat dessert, and you say to the girl, “Oh, there is a group purchase here, help me with a group, I don’t have the United States in the mobile phone (or can say that my bank card did not open fast payment, etc.)” this time the girl will help you with the group of course. Is there any girl in the world who doesn’t shop online? Let’s analyze Plan B: Compared with Plan A, we use an excuse that there is no Meituan so it is not feasible for us to pay for the group purchase, and at this time you put forward the request – you help me A group. At this time, the girl will think that you invited her to eat dinner just now, so she will not refuse you even more. She will be very happy and then you can eat dessert or watch a movie together.

Plan A and plan B contrast: plan A high success rate of direct | B’s indirect success rate is also high. Suitable for boys with different personalities. 2. Use novelty and fun to replace a high-end atmosphere. I think a lot of male compatriots should have thought, whether it is to take a show or date with a girl, they all feel that going to those very high-end places is very B. But yes, in fact, if you don’t often go, it will appear very deliberately very strange, and will greatly increase your dating cost, very inappropriate.

So what do we do?

We will use fresh and fun things and activities to replace high-end and generally high-grade things and activities, and use the former to improve our B grade at a low cost.

For example, a lot of guys may think that yacht, golf, horse riding, and so on will be good, but we all know that the cost is very high. Compared to these activities, you can choose archery, fencing, rock climbing, these very cheap things to shoot the display surface, and the effect is the same. (Fencing is not expensive all fencing places have a one-time experience of that kind, very cheap) Then the same put this to the date is also a meaning. Don’t take the girl to eat tall Western food, don’t take the girl to watch the night scene on the top of the TV tower. Take the girl to eat special snacks, take the girl to do DIY cake, and take the girl to ride the Ferris wheel.

Think about it. Is there something you’ve always wanted to try but never got to? These are the girls who have always wanted to try but have never gone. I roughly summarize it: walking for a long time at night, listening to the waves night in the sea, making out in the park at night, saying your thoughts loudly in the empty place, eating snacks hand in hand in the crowded night market, tongue kiss on the Ferris wheel, making a meal together, making a cake together… There are many more, and I won’t give them all. These are very low cost, you just have to find out.

3. Change food categories. As we all know, among the many food varieties, Western food and Japanese food are the types with higher prices, and then, of course, seafood is much higher among the types of food. So, to cut costs when dating, you can avoid these completely. Because there are so many delicious things to eat. I recommend Korean food and fast food and Japanese food (fried food and udon) as well as various domestic cuisines and various special snacks. These are all kinds of foods that can be eaten at a relatively low price and have a satisfactory B food.

After changing the category of the food there is another side could tip is your appointment book or in the afternoon after dinner, by this way can reduce the costs of 1 to 2 meal, also can reduce the consumption of too much time not over of boredom (if the girl and the date you often play mobile phone, there is that she was bored the signal. And a compact planned date can often avoid girl boring cases) and changed things after class also need to pay attention to improve B when eating, such as often take the girl to the city “do the most is the spine hot pot” “do the most is the whole city pot bag meat” and so on such, myself prefixed with modifiers, This way, you can feel tall and you don’t have to spend a lot of money.

As for how to find those places where you are, you need to rely on our dating good partner – Dianping.

4. Change the activity category.

The role of this step is to maximize the improvement of our B-lattice while keeping the cost low. Few activities can improve B in the normal dating process, so I will introduce you to some of the more commonly used activities to improve B: Go to coffee shops together (never go to pure bookstores, because it is inconvenient to talk there), go to art exhibitions and other exhibitions together (never go to concerts, because it is inconvenient to talk and ordinary people can’t enjoy it), go on outings together, Go get your hair cut together (because this will let the girl know that the place you cut your hair is a good place and at the same time make the girl feel like your girlfriend because only girlfriends go with their boyfriends to cut their hair) and so on.

The key to this step is to make what you’re doing feel natural like you’re doing it all the time. And this often to do things can be very low cost, but to have a B, or show that you are a living level of people, or show that you are a spiritual realm of people.

5. Replace big gifts with small, uninterrupted surprises. Here’s how a hottie does it: open a gum, feed it to her, then open one to eat. After eating, ask her, “Do you know what it means for a boy to feed a girl gum? “At this time, the girl must not know, so she will say” I don’t know, what does it mean?” And then say, “I’ll tell you later,” chuckle, and then, after walking for a while, I’ll suddenly stop and ask her, “Do you remember the question I just asked you?” She would say, “Remember, what does that mean?” Then I slowly put my hand behind her head and as I approached her, I said, “I want to kiss you,” and then I kissed her. Next, before she can recover, she skillfully folds the silver paper of the gum into the shape of a ring, grabs her hand, puts it on her hand, and says, “That’s your little reward.” All the girls will keep that broken “ring” made of gum paper, because no one else has thought of it, or done it. It was a unique surprise.

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