Do guys plan their dates before they go on a date?

Dates should be planned but plan never keep up with changes, so the key to a really good date is how good the guy you’re dating is. During a date, a woman can feel the male charm of a man through his dating behavior (of course, a woman will also judge from a date whether the man she is dating is what she likes, which is an important reason why many men don’t go on a date with a woman after one date).

For example, whether the content of the date is what the woman likes; Date content arrangement is given some details (such as when a woman to menstruation, most women are unfavorable and cold drinks, a few drinks when to note that the details of the similar and there are many), meet an emergency, the man is how to deal with (for example, the dining room table you ordered may restaurant waiter made a mistake, in the face of such situation, How do men respond and deal with it, is it rage? Or good and pleasant problem-solving? As a result, the whole date is carried out in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. Imagine how embarrassed the woman should feel if the man ignores the occasion and berates the waiter.)

I remember once teaching a man (who had never been in a relationship) what he even wore when he was courting women. What kind of prologue? (How to say hello and what to say when you first meet) Where to go on a date? (How do you choose a date?) What do you do on a date? Is it alone? Or a group of friends? At what time (day or night? At a girl’s convenience?)? In the process of dating to achieve what purpose (let girls feel I am a humorous confident considerate man? Successfully holding hands with a woman during a date), and what to do at the end of the date (send her home or go home by yourself?). “, what should you do after the date is over (texting, wishing him good night or waiting for him to text him?) And so on.

Many men are not good at dating women (especially those men) there is no love experience, especially a first date with a woman for a first date (or woman), often mess up the first date, but the fact is that if the first date a girl for you, if there is nothing too big, basic, is not too much of a chance, because the girl very believes in yourself feeling, She won’t even go on a second date with you. So I encourage men who have no dating experience to still have a simple dating plan and arrangement and know what to do with girls during the dating process. (I mention above the boys and girls of a first date, the separate, active girl hugged him, a second date after two people kissing, both become the lover, so the method is very important) but I want to say is, the real date is far from what the plan can achieve, man’s inspiration and play in the dating process are very important, Because men are the most beautiful scenery in the eyes of women.

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