What makes a relationship last long?

A couple of crucial points make a relationship last:

  1. Do not play games. You had a childhood for a reason.
  2. Control your jealousy even if you’re madly in love with your partner and want them all to yourself. If you don’t control your emotions, you’ll create constant problems that will make them leave you. You don’t want that now do you?
  3. Appreciate the small things even when you don’t feel like it. One day you’ll look back at them and realize they were the big things.
  4. Do not take your partner for granted even if you’re passing through not so ‘lovey-dovey’ phases.
  5. Agree on your sexual needs. I’m not saying have sex. You can have 0 sex and be happy together as long as you’re both okay with it.
  6. Master the balance of power. Both of you should have equal control of the relationship. The moment one of you becomes more controlling, you’ll take advantage and abuse each other.
  7. Do not change to the worse for your partner.
  8. Change to the best if you have to (for you and for your partner).
  9. Think with your brain and not always with your heart when it comes to relationships because your emotions can be very intense that they could push your partner away (being TOO affectionate, or being TOO angry, being TOO jealous etc).
  10. Be there for your partner when they need you, even if they claim they don’t need you (your job is to feel it without the other person saying it).
  11. Always trust your partner, otherwise problems/jealousy/insecurities will hit you like a truck.
  12. Communicate and solve your problems in a mature way instead of leaving, shouting, fighting and arguing all the time.
  13. Show love and affection. This is crucial specially in long term relationships when you get so used to your partner that you forget that you’re not showing them love the same way you used to in the beginning of the relationship.
  14. Go out of your way for them. They’ll appreciate it and forever be grateful about it.
  15. Open up and let the other partner see you for your true self and nothing less.
  16. Understand your other partner even if you both don’t agree on something.
  17. Be positive and happy. Nobody wants a partner that constantly nags, argues for lame reasons.
  18. Be on the same level of maturity. I’m not saying you should be mature to make it work. You can both be immature and work it out. However, a mature person cannot in anyway stay long term with an immature one.
  19. Go on adventures, always discover new things and make your relationship exciting.
  20. Cuddle often.
  21. Most importantly, BE YOURSELF.

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