What do guys and girls think about when they date?

When you’re dating, you’re struggling to find the right opportunity to upgrade your relationship, but actually, the girl is wondering why you haven’t. Generally speaking, if a girl is willing to come out and have a one-to-one date with you, it means that the other party has a good impression of you, and it is time to seize the opportunity, don’t let the girl come home after a black question mark: this buddy a few meaning? Does it matter to me at all? I have many times received the advice of girls with similar problems: I went out with him, he seemed to not react, just a simple meal and chat, and then sent me away, the attitude is similar to classmates and colleagues. He used to chat on the line is very good, how a meeting after feeling the whole person is very dull? As a guy, if you ask a girl who came back from a date to ask me that question, you’ve failed

Early Dating:

“I don’t what to say to embarrass…”

“He how to don’t talk, so embarrassed…”

When meeting for the first time, most people will inevitably have some brief cold and awkward situation. At this time, the two people are very embarrassed, but the heart is constantly muttering about how to end the scene.

I do not recommend being very enthusiastic at the beginning of the atmosphere, because if you are too enthusiastic at the beginning of the meeting, it will make the other party feel awkward.

My recommendation is to start by asking for a few simple messages that show you care:

“How did you get here? Are the roads blocked?”

“Do you have an umbrella? Do you want to wait and buy one?”

Then by the way, with the help of the surrounding environment, a few simple words, talk about what is delicious and fun nearby to make a tedious opening. Or, if you are particularly embarrassed or awkward, you can directly express, very embarrassed to say: “originally felt nothing, but now suddenly a little embarrassed… You are so beautiful.” Believe me, even if the atmosphere is still a little cold when you meet in the future, the other party will not say anything more. In her eyes, you are still shy, and she will inevitably have a slight slight slight happiness in her heart.

On the date:

“I want to pull her hand…”

“Why has he been unresponsive for so long?”

In the process of dating, it is normal for guys, especially guys who are not together, to feel anxious. They always test the edge of holding hands and want to get close to the girl but are embarrassed. But maybe at this time, the girl’s heart is also muting: before the online chat feels good, how he is so plain and ordinary today? I know you may not have the courage to go straight up and hold hands, but we can upgrade the relationship bit by bit, so that not only do you accumulate enough courage but also the other person is prepared accordingly.

The handle itself can also be constantly broken down into small actions, a little upgrade, and finally, achieve the effect you want.

For example, if you expect to hold hands when you walk her home from your date today, you should be constantly upgrading for that final move from the time you meet this afternoon.

For example, when you’re having coffee together, you start to touch something unintentionally while you’re helping her out.

While watching a movie, touch your fingers slightly while eating popcorn together;

Go shopping together, arm inadvertently touch again a few times…

The purpose of this is to constantly let her adapt to the process, and then wait until the end, even if you directly hold hands, the other party will not have a big reaction, at most, it is surprised, not directly frightened by you or throw away. The benefit of gradual progress is that there is a long enough transition to help the other person adjust to the process, but it may require you to pay more attention to the opportunities around you.

In this way, every time you try, the other person’s heart will suddenly be nervous:

Is he going to hold hands? After a long time, each such stimulus will gradually catalyze such an atmosphere.

Late in the date:

“How should end…”

“Didn’t he have any reaction or thought?”

The emotional heat in dating is an inverted U-shaped curve. In the beginning, the atmosphere is cold, then it gradually becomes hot, and then it becomes cold again in the later period of dating.

Those who have been on a few dates will know that at the beginning, you always feel like you can’t find something to say when you meet, but then the two people slowly begin to be active, but when the date is over, you may become speechless. At this time, whether it is in person or after you should give each other feedback, otherwise, the other party’s heart is meng: you asked me out, you and I have dinner, movies, and shopping, and then you don’t give a statement? What do you mean? Is it just friends passing the time or are you trying to hit on me?

So to eliminate the doubt in the other person’s mind, and to make you have a good ending, I suggest you make up the feedback about the date when you send the other person off: “I had a great time with you today, and I can ask you out again in the future.” “Let me know when you get home, or I’ll be worried.” (Express care and consideration, take the opportunity to upgrade the relationship) In this expression, if the other party gives you good feedback, then often two or three times you can directly express your love to the other party.

The girl comes out and your date itself is a big window, must seize this opportunity, the upgraded relationship is about to upgrade the relationship, the hand is about to hand, and the hint of goodwill is implied.

If you don’t show anything, the other person will be very confused, and even think that you don’t have feelings for her.

Don’t be afraid to act because you are nervous, you, believe me, you are nervous, girls are more nervous than you.

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