Seven year itch, how to improve the relationship between husband and wife?

Every day, I am especially grateful that I can have an almost perfect relationship with my husband and wife, and take this opportunity to share some of my experience and experience in getting along with my husband and wife. Especially during this time of the epidemic at home, the friend who just got married nine months ago decided to separate because the two had nothing to say at home. No words, no fun, very cold relationship, I used to experience! Last time, the other party did not want to talk to me, even sit at home, and have to pick the farthest place from me to sit. I offered to get closer to him, saying it was more comfortable to sit farther away. No happiness at all, more lonely than single, can only rely on the dog to keep warm, feel like a lonely old man. Single at least understand that there is no one can accompany can talk, the heart will not be disappointed. But having a partner, sitting there, feel oneself good is transparent, doubting oneself is not a ghost, is not others can not see. There was no warmth in the house. But the relationship between husband and wife is still saved, just do not know how to get along but do not want to get along. Relationships that don’t want to get along are hopeless.

1. Find the time to accompany each other in the busy Before I pregnancy does not work now, but my husband and I were at work, my husband is going out before 7 o ‘clock 5 points to go home, I went out at eight o ‘clock after go home at 8 o ‘clock, my husband gets up at six every day, have to go to bed at 10 PM and real time together every day, therefore, May 1-2 hours. Therefore, we both cherish the 1-2 hours, and all the books and games we want to read are at other times. For example, my husband will play games when I am not home, and I will not touch my mobile phone after I get home. Later, because of the lack of time together, I changed my job, preferring to work closer to home and not so busy. And my husband has a short lunch break when he goes to work. Sometimes when I have a little free time, I will pick one day a week to have lunch with him, and he will be very happy to see me at noon. I will also cherish weekends and try not to use mobile phones. I will arrange activities that two people can do together, such as staying in bed together, walking together, cooking together, watching a movie or a show, or taking the dog to play in the countryside. I also take the initiative to buy tennis lessons and attend them with my husband every week.

2. Don’t forget to say thank you When two people first started together, it was easy to feel grateful for the small things each other did. But after a long time together, they became a couple, and gradually got used to it, began to feel that the things each other did were for granted, and no longer felt grateful. Before a few friends chatted, I said to always thank each other’s things, a friend said, “It is a family, do what should be done, there is nothing to thank, I do those things, I do not want people to thank me.” It sounds true that both spouses have their responsibilities for household chores, expenses, and company, but if you add gratitude, you find that the relationship between husband and wife is completely different. Although it is just a thank you, the other party may also say “what can you thank”, but the heart is Coke! The more you say thank you, the more willing the other person is to continue the relationship. Some people in the marital relationship are also old to care about who does more and who does less, I swept the floor last time, so you do the dishes, I changed my job for you last time, so now where to move to accommodate me, I took the initiative in the last sex, so this time it is your turn… This scoring relationship is super naive. I make lunch for my husband every day, and sometimes deliver it to him personally. My husband will make biscuits and cakes for me occasionally. I will ask him if he is tired when he sighs at work. We both always appreciate the things the other does, which are different and can’t be quantified. Couples do have obligations, but doing it out of obligation has a completely different inner feeling than doing it out of gratitude.

3. There are ways to remind the other person of you all the time. For example, my husband likes to eat my food. Pack him a nice lunchbox, and even if he doesn’t have time to think about me in the morning, he’ll think about me at dinner. Then a colleague to help me and assist, said, “Wow your wife is too good for you,” my husband does not want to expand, the heart is not sure to feel, such a good wife, home can not be hugged.

4. Ensure a healthy frequency of sex Many people feel that couples have been together for a long time without passion, the most typical performance is twice a day before, now once every two months. To tell the truth, I have also experienced sexual indifference, two people do not say, how to start, the feelings are weak, do it is boring, not to mention what happiness. Reluctantly working with acting, purely to solve physiological needs, he will not consider my comfort, I do not want to consider his good. Sex is a huge factor in relationship harmony. Be sure to take the initiative to create opportunities to have sex, the more the better, the more desire to accumulate. Don’t be too slovenly and don’t let yourself get greasy is a cliche. Two people usually must be more physical contact, can hug as much as possible, can kiss as much as possible, and can not wear clothes to sleep without clothes to sleep. Daily pressure is too big and a bad mood especially affects sexual desire, even if the snap, the heart may not relax. So it is necessary to relax before sex, such as a simple massage on a massage chair, or playing some small games with two people. Find a game that only the two of you can play, can’t play that kind of brain, to play the super simple super idiot, such as the simplest poker game, can only play the same color or the same number, who can win the kind of who can win most by luck, also won’t hurt self-esteem. The punishment of winning and losing, is to let the loser feel that losing is also winning, winning is also winning, mainly happy. For example, my husband and I are lost, undressed, and tickled, no matter who loses, at the end of the sex, two people are happy. Now I feel like playing cards… Sexual desire is also related to hormones in the body. Although the ex exercises his chest to be extremely large, he secretly eats Viagra, which is also useless. Because Viagra does not improve sexual desire, it just prolongs the shoot J is to teach and improve erectile hardness. It is very presumptuous to think that a long time will make a woman feel powerful. Speaking of which, let’s talk more about men’s health products. For men who know 30+, it is better to try Unichi’s oyster essence. Your favorite teacher, Cang, has also recommended haha. A lot of people feel that it is not Chun medicine, ha ha ha is not ha, this is the same as what grape seed capsule cranberry capsule for girls. This brand is very famous in Australia. Unichi’s whitening pills and anti-aging rose collagen are very popular and can be seen on the list of must-buy female health products in Australia.

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