How to maintain the relationship between husband and wife?

Compared with the small fights during the love period, the time when couples live closely together every day after marriage is the highlight of marriage. It seems that couples getting along with each other is very ordinary, but in fact, there is a lot of knowledge in it.

I will not say the official words like more communication and more communication. First of all, I believe that a woman should do the following three things at least in the marriage relationship:

First, the best trump card for not letting yourself be wronged is spiritual independence. Don’t rely too much on the man mentally, feel that you can’t live without this man. Many people emphasize that women must be financially independent, and I agree. However, I want to emphasize spiritual independence. Many women in the marriage, two problems or emotional breakdown, many women angry, will not easily divorce. Maybe it’s partly because children endure. But there are also a large number of people because they can not be independent in spirit, feel divorced, leave this man, they can not stand up in front of people, this part of the population can not be ignored.

Second, there is never a magic weapon to tie a man, there is only a joint operation of two people. Quarreling, don’t always wait for a man to coax you, no matter how much a man loves you, there is always a time he no longer wants to coax you. Third, housewives are the best interpretation of family love, but it is not an excuse to tie you up. Even a full-time housewife has to strive for status in the family, this does not mean to be high and mighty at home, but to let men, mothers-in-law, and other family members know your contribution to the family, not to reach out and ask your husband for a salary.

Second, stay close. It’s not just lip service. Don’t think that the sweetness of love time is good, and now the old husband and wife don’t need to be so pretentious. The jiao Sajiao, the weak weak weak. Men will respect a yellow-faced woman who has grown old because of her family, but it is difficult to love her all the time.

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