The details of the whole process and related precautions for the first date and dinner with girls

The detailed operation of the whole process of the first date and the girl’s dinner, the full text of 4000 words, it is recommended to collect fine products! For a rainy day!

First of all, you and the girl came to the restaurant, try to sit on the inside of the position, relatively quiet, the environment is better, rather than by the door, or by the aisle is too noisy; So when we sit down, we usually sit face to face with girls, so we try to choose the position that makes our background environment look better, rather than the position that the background looks chaotic, so that it will form a psychological hint to girls, a good psychological hint;

Second: Order

A: Order must be quick, don’t turn over and over there, order two or three minutes are not selected dishes, you are not determined enough, you are not assertive enough, then we must do things in front of women.

B: Don’t give the order to the girl, some brothers made a very big mistake, and still disagree, said he would ask the girl what would you like to eat, and even the menu to each other, let the other side to make selections, he think it is a kind of polite, this is a thoughtful, actually this is the problem to the girl, you and the girl to order this things is not assertive; Imagine, we in the restaurant to eat at ordinary times, you really will order several people, the students are pushing each other all don’t want to go to the point this dish, is usually a month, or, the status of relatively high point people will carry out the tasks of such an order, so that you eat with a girl, you give her this menu, so give her problem; In addition, the girl’s heart will also be very entangled, very contradictory, when she orders food, he will think, is it not too expensive? Can’t order too cheap, so say, this problem is handed over to us boys to solve.

C: We just need to ask each other politely, what do you usually avoid eating? Most girls said: there is no diet, only a few say, do not eat cilantro, do not eat garlic or not too spicy, then at this time, we can order corresponding dishes according to each other’s taste.

D: How would you like to order this dish? Two people dating three vegetables a soup, two a vegetables a soup, some brothers too wasteful, point the five or six vegetables to eat and eat, he also think it is a generous, this is a life of luxury, but in a woman’s view, the first is the waste, the second is the girl don’t think you do things safely, clearly there is no need to order so many dishes, key points of why so many? Are you afraid I don’t like you enough? So you want to attract me with high spending, right?

E: For the attendant attitude is close friends certainly, a lot of brothers feel come to consumption, when the big ye when god himself, the results of the waiter to order even shouted, then this is clearly revealed in front of the girls you accomplishment, know at the moment you treat the attendant attitude, is equivalent to you with this girl together, Your attitude towards this girl after marriage. Women are not stupid, she will see in the eye;

F: In addition, when we date, it is a show of comprehensive strength. Dating is not just about two people chatting or physical contact. What we value more in dating is that we pay more attention to the details of this person, the cultivation of this person, the level of this person, the taste of this person, and the details are hidden on the dinner table.

G: After some vegetables, some brothers, suddenly seemed to head a blank, and then the air suddenly quiet, the girl sat playing mobile phone, or look on two people, so, when we fast points out food must immediately open topic, also is that you give the waiter after this menu, immediately open topic chat with girls, so what shall we talk about? This is the most tangled in a lot of brothers, actually talk any topic can chat and constellation, gossip, food, travel, etc., all women interested in you can chat, as long as you don’t talk about those straight men like iron man, sports or national political, or military classes that you may be a word in the past, the girls would thrown directly, don’t know how to back to you;

As long as you avoid these topics, other casual chat, chat about what is actually not the most important, the most important is how you want to chat, we have a detailed explanation in the previous article chat method, so what is the principle of our chat? Called casual chat ah, don’t ask questions he called USES the word order of a sentence, have brothers gives the order to the waiter, began to ask questions, I in previous articles have described the, we saw the first with the girls, don’t ask questions, we all use instead of declarative sentence order, as far as possible to do so, it is the feeling, is really no topic can consider to ask a question!

H: Maybe we will have a few minutes, maybe five minutes, ten minutes of such a relatively in-depth communication before the dish is served, so. Wait until after the dishes, you can’t go to in-depth communication, because we will mouth eating, we also often can encounter a situation, it is this dish, too slow, so there are some character is impatient, brother will shout waiter, waiter usually treated politely, of course, It is not recommended to go to a restaurant where the waiters have a bad attitude; So many brothers feel that you are too slow to serve this dish, so they begin to be unable to restrain, and complain about the mood to start scolding each other, how do you serve such a slow dish? Don’t have any emotions on the waiter, just mentioned, because the girl she is looking at the eye, you can express in a kind of questioning posture, how the food has not come? We’re in a bit of a hurry, so it’s nice to ask this question.

Third: After serving

A: then after serving, we take chopsticks together with the girls start is ok, don’t give her food, A lot of brothers, feel that I am acting have A gentleman, I am very has the tutelage, I level is high also, I want to take the initiative to give the girl clip vegetables, in fact completely unnecessary, you do seem to be too polite, very kind, and you are kneeling lick, girls find another lick the dog;

B: We must always pay attention to this personal hygiene. We must put a paper towel in front of us to spit the residue on it, not directly on the smooth table, or in some restaurants, there is a small plate, you directly spit on the plate, in short, do not spit on the table; Pay attention to whether there is rice or vegetable residue on your chopsticks, wipe your mouth when eating half, don’t talk to girls with a mouth full of oil, this gives a person’s impression is not elegant!

C: After the food is served, some people say that how can I chat with girls? We must pinch the time, what is the pinch time? There are brothers, this also does not care about their own image, the mouth of this full he began to Bala Bala said, some accidentally began to spray rice spray, or spout water, this is a big mistake;

D: Sometimes a girl just put a piece of food in her mouth, and then you, suddenly think of a topic, a brainstroke, think this topic is good to open, the result, you have said the other girl’s mouth is still chewing something to eat, haven’t swallowed, you say how embarrassed? So, these details are very important;

E: There is a very important thing is that we don’t big noise when you eat, that is to say you have a meal, you’re basically is your lips have been closed, the teeth can be continuously stirred in his lips, but don’t open your mouth, on the other hand, when we chat with the girls can talk about some funny points, we will laugh, This is a very good state for two people to date, but when eating, we must pay attention to such a detail, that is, don’t show your teeth. If you are not eating, you can laugh how you want to laugh; If you have something glued on your teeth, you are here laughing and showing your teeth, in case there is any vegetable or chili powder in your teeth, you also don’t know, so we try not to show our teeth when we smile;

Fourth: Mid-meal

In the middle of our meal, we should make a decision to invite each other to make a transition. For example, when we eat half of the meal, I talk about the movie with the girl, what type of movie I like recently, and what type of movie the girl likes? , of course, there is a small, hot girls more than half are fond of watching suspense, then we can discuss with the girls movie this topic, and then turn (, recently seems to have what what movie theaters, heard that is pretty good, who’s who, and then the two of you start about this movie, then you ask her if she had a look, Or you learned that she had not seen in the process of chat, then best time invitation: at this time for a while we go to see the film, usually all girls promise, unless you can do in front of the wrong, or the girl after you see the direct impression of you is general, she would have wanted to good, go after the meal, the minimal probability;
Because when a girl comes out to date you at night, it means that her whole night’s time (not including the last time she goes home) is given to you. We are all by default, we will date today when there is nothing to do, so why are we interrupting to put forward this invitation to turn around? Like this movie because it is over, if you have made a movie after the meal, so you want to book tickets in advance, you got to the movie theater, you have to wait for half an hour in the last 20 minutes, this is a very slow one, and will let girls don’t think you this arrangement is in order, do you want to intentionally pull the time late? Even if you go to drink or go shopping, you can say it in advance, so that it is more convenient for each other to arrange the next trip;

Fifth: After eating

A: When the meal is about to finish, or you have finished, of course, we try not to finish before the girl, because you finish first, it seems to inadvertently reflect the girl, she is too able to eat, right? Grasp the rhythm of the meal, try to finish it at the same time with the girl, or she finishes it first for a while, and even if you finish it first, don’t ask: Have you eaten? This is your honest question, but the other party may feel that you are not too slow, I eat too much, this includes in our life is also such a common sense, OK?

B: In rice is good, we eat is involved to pay for this thing, we can say with a girl, I’m in the bathroom, and then you went to the bathroom, in fact are not going to the bathroom is not important, do you want to go to the bathroom also is not important, it is important to at this juncture to give bought the single, can’t wait for both of them had a meal, then go to the bar, Go pay, this is a slightly awkward scenario, so we usually say that you buy the order in advance, whether you in life or in the date will create a very good impression on the other side;

C: Then we can go to the bathroom after buying the order, gargle casually and check oral hygiene. It is best to carry this oral sugar with us to keep our breath fresh.

Six: Dating taboos

A: When dating, some girls dress very sexy, wearing this low cut, or this hip wrap, showing long legs. Many brothers a look can not stand, and on a date when sitting face to face, the eyes from time to time is staring at each other’s here, and don’t stare lips, and the thighs and bum don’t stare at others, as long as you are staring at the girl these sensitive areas, and she found, you must be to be greatly reduced, That even if you really can’t control yourself, this figure is too good, I really as a man, I instinctively want to have a look, must resist, and then maybe you walk behind her, you steal a glance, you don’t be caught by him on the spot;

B: The last thing I want to emphasize is not to be too active. So what are the aspects of being too active? For example, when a girl sits down, it’s time for me to show my gentlemanlike demeanor, when it comes to pulling her seat, don’t do it, don’t do it, do you think you have pulled your own mother’s seat? Whether there is pulling the girl’s way, this also want to show yourself to be a high quality high accomplishment, actually these thing in our country is not in conformity with the national conditions, the best we are in each other has become a long-term partners and sometimes bumbling, gave her a pull, the show is the swap between you husband and wife;

Finally: Wish you all a great date!

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