How many dates do men and women meet before they go to bed?

Once asked a male friend, if a girl agreed to sleep with you on the first date, what would you think? ‘Of course I’ll sleep with her,’ he says. ‘But then I’ll think she’s too casual. I’ll be friends with benefits.’ I’m sorry, but if I were the girl you’ve had sex with, I’d say you’re too double a guy to even bother having sex with you. Having sex on a first date is a mutual decision between you and me. I’m not happy that you are cheap and good. On one side of your mouth, you say you want to, like a dog, want the girl to agree immediately, and on the other side of your heart, you hate the flirtatious girl who agrees to sleep. The words all let you say, the reason also all let you occupy, deserve the girl weak? There is a magical logic: dating is kissing, kissing is sleeping, and sleeping is cheap. Is sex with or without consent the highest standard to decide a girl is not cheap? You are not in the market, I am not that cabbage, I will not depreciate because of the bed, I do not have commodity attributes OK? So you have to figure out whether he thinks you’re devalued or you think you’re devalued. Others with moral constraints you are not terrible, terrible is your own self-contempt. When it comes to sex, there is always more moral pressure on women than on men, and you are always told to be reserved, to behave, to hold your line, and not to give him too quickly.

Notice the word “give”? Give him something? Are you a thing? Is it an object? Is sex a trade? Is that how you think less of yourself?

High-earning, well-educated, elite women are generally OK with having sex on the first date, according to a study. It seems that women who are equal to men in social situations can do the same in bed. This type of woman does not feel devalued just because she has sex, because she has always been expensive. So, since to be reserved, to be polite, men and women together to be polite, everyone together to be cold. If virginity is the best dowry for girls, then men also please remain virgins, even masturbating do not have.

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