How to maintain the relationship between husband and wife? No divorce?

It is said that marriage is the terminator of love, how many people are happily married, to the end of the divorce phase forget in the river lake. The disintegration of most couples, after all, is not enough love, not enough tolerance for each other. There are always people who say that I and each other are not suitable. The strong twist of the melon is not sweet, and so every day noisy, tangled, pain in the face of a person you don’t like, it is better to give each other a space, put him to help yourself. But many people come to a real divorce, only to find that the decision they have made is wrong, and their heart’s freedom is not as good as their expectations. In the relationship, if you want to run a good marriage, it is better to do the following four points first:
1. Respect and give each other face. Whether the relationship is good or not can be seen in daily life. A woman invited friends she hadn’t seen in years to a party at her house. After a lot of wine and dinner, they played cards. When he came home from work, his man blamed the woman for not leaving food for him. The woman lost face in front of her friends, and the two had a very bad time, and the party ended because of their quarrel. The woman had lost money in a particularly bad mood, think of the man on weekdays big coaxed and shouted also even in her friends face completely did not give her face, she was extremely angry under the second day and her husband divorced. How many families make both sides unhappy or even divorced because of trivial things marriage needs to be well managed, give enough face to each other, is to establish a good relationship between husband and wife. If men are not so impulsive, ask women softly after going home, and give women faces in front of women’s friends, they will not have those things behind. Respect, not only between friends but also between lovers is very important.

2. Trust, unconditionally trusts your partner You are short of money, I dare to lend you; You are in trouble, I dare to help you. That’s trust. Trust is to believe in the other party and can trust the other party. Whether it is friendship or love, without trust, it will not last long. The trust between husband and wife is the spiritual support of each other, but also a kind of emotional sustenance. How many times have you cheated on your lover? How many times have you been hurt? Trust is like a credit card. You pay it back on time and you borrow more. If you don’t pay it on time, your trusted bank card will be frozen. Do you trust your love enough? In reality, there will always be some contradictions between the two of you, which will prevent you from reaching the other side of happiness. When your wife has a problem with her mother-in-law, how do you deal with it? Whether you unconditionally trust your wife or unconditionally trust your mother, this is a difficult choice. It’s like a mother and a wife jumping into the water who do you save first? Mother-in-law and daughter-in-law make a contradiction, as a husband, should fully do the role of husband and son. It is not easy for a wife to marry you, and it is not easy for a mother to give birth to you. You need a clever mouth that doesn’t offend either side. Trust both sides enough, to achieve spiritual communication, to understand her (he) more love her (he). Words hundred years to repair the same boat, thousand years to repair a pillow sleep. In the vast sea of people, it is not easy to find your life partner. Don’t cheat on your lover, it is really difficult to trust, trust your lover because only she (he) and you are together for life!

3. Love, let a little more love every day make friendship purer, love makes the family warmer, love makes love sweeter. What is love? Is thirsty, love to give you a cup of warm tea; When you are tired, your lover gives you a warm word; It is the patient listening, encouragement, and help of loved ones when encountering setbacks… In daily life, couples should be more caring and considerate to their lovers to make each other’s feelings longer. The wife is doing the housework, and the husband should join in and share the responsibility with the wife. When the husband’s work meets a bottleneck, the wife should encourage her husband to support him, act as a good helper behind him, and blame him less, let alone scold her husband for being incompetent and inferior to his husband. When the two sides encounter problems, they will talk to each other and discuss them together, submerging the spiritual level of communication, to solve them together. Many people, after a few years of marriage, because they do not often communicate with each other, lack love, lack common topics, or are not interested in each other’s topics, over time become nothing to say, the contradiction between the two sides will be highlighted. Therefore, take care of your lover, no matter how cold the season is, the thought of your lover is like the warm sun in winter.

4. Marriage is more fragile than you think. Psychology has found that the unconscious mind deeply affects our fate and unintentionally affects our behavior. If, your lover, is rough, often says dirty words. The gentle wife will also slowly become verbally abusive, without the appearance of a lady. There should be a bottom line between husband and wife, not no boundaries. Saying what you want and doing what you want is one of the biggest wounds in a relationship. Whether it is a man or a woman who has made a mistake, if both sides have agreed to forgive, they can’t start to quarrel and start to repeat the past and mention those sad things. Forgive is forgive, don’t talk about past complaints. Couples often get along to do a small thing or quarrel. When you are angry, can you stop for a minute and then refute; When you are arguing about divorce, can you wait a few days for the weather to calm down before making a decision? You have rejected thousands of people to choose a person to enter the marriage hall, no one is perfect, when the lover makes mistakes, do you want to tolerate them? Don’t make impulsive decisions. A philosopher once said that like is trust, and love is restraint. If we can tolerate each other’s shortcomings and cultivate ourselves in marriage, the pattern of marriage can be stronger. Therefore, it is very important to tolerate each other in marriage, and it is also a lesson that every person who enters the marriage must learn. A really good relationship between couples, even how ordinary, in the eyes of each other is the most beautiful relationship. Learn to respect, let the lover feel that you are his tiller, and learn to trust, you are the harbor of his heart. When you trust your lover, love and tolerate her (him), you will find that when you respect your lover, you will gain her (him) trust, trust your she (he) can make love a little more every day, and those many unpleasant smelly problems are also the most beautiful appearance of her (him) in your eyes

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