How to maintain the relationship?

That day, Sister Zhang sighed and said that she went to her parent’s home, often passing by the window of her brothers and sisters, often hearing the brothers and sisters communicate constantly in the room, and from time to time came laughter. Sister Zhang also does not know what she is saying, always feels that she can not finish. And Zhang and her husband are now back home are strangers, have no words to say. Couples have no words to say, often there are two situations, one is the heart is more than enough, even if the other side does not say, you also know each other’s thoughts. In other words, years of understanding and understanding each other. But such a situation is rare, even if the heart is more than the strength is insufficient, there are things to discuss, and it is impossible to think of a place for everything.

Another situation is that there is nothing to say, no enthusiasm, and even do not want to communicate with each other. This is even more dangerous. Many problems in marriage start with nothing to say. Whether the relationship between husband and wife is good or not, from their communication, a good husband and wife relationship often has the following characteristics. The two often chat together. Communication is communication. With good communication, the relationship between couples will be more harmonious. Communication helps to eliminate contradictions and dispel differences. Conflicts cannot be resolved in time and escalate. Even if there is a little unhappiness between two people, it will not become a permanent problem. This kind of seemingly insignificant chatter plays an important role even in marriage, indicating their communication habits.

Some people say that it is a bit embarrassing if the relationship depends on communication, and couples should know each other very well. Not really. Even if he knows you well, he is a different person and inevitably thinks differently. Some ideas, you do not express, how will others know? If two people do not need to talk and speak in a close relationship, then what language can humans use? The writing is long gone. A good marriage is not a failure to communicate, but good communication. Because you are together every day, you know that each other can accept your expressions. This way, you can understand that he is angrier about what these people are saying, and you can also understand that he is acceptable when he asks him questions. Then in the chat, do not encounter the muzzle, can avoid the minefield, and achieve effective communication between the two sides. So, when you have an idea, or at the appropriate time, chat a few more, and exchange views. You can do the housework together. Many people still think that housework is done by women and men do it outside. This is ancient times, today, The Times have changed greatly. Women can not only do housework but also call the shots at work.

That is, women have taken on responsibilities outside of women. Since women are expected to share family rearing and financial burdens with men, men are expected to share household duties with women. Couples who do housework together are generally more harmonious. Gottman, a well-known psychologist, once said that when he was just married, a man came to him and said he did not like to do housework. Years later, the same people came to marriage. Men’s indifference to housework often leads to marital discord. Husband and wife are very busy working outside, how much work do they have to do back home, two people work together, what work do men want, women want to do? If in ancient times, men were supposed to do some shoulder work or other heavy work, and women were supposed to do some non-manual work, how much manual work is done now? So men don’t have to do housework, what else can be said?

Lazy people don’t want to do not only housework, as long as it is work. Housework is an excuse for lazy people. Now two people form a family, to share the responsibility of the family, all the work at home to his wife, which itself is a man’s selfishness.

Three, two people will share their daily life. A husband and wife often share things. I heard the neighbor’s aunt quarreling with her husband again. His husband argued with his aunt’s toothpaste. Too noisy, just listen to aunt said, you don’t know toothpaste can’t mix? How many bacteria is this? It’s not hygienic! I was surprised. It’s not hygienic for a couple to use toothpaste? So mutual disgust, then how to do husband and wife? In hindsight, not only did they not use toothpaste with each other, but they also used separate washbasins and separate towels. If DID NOT SHARE A FEW DAILY ARTICLES, EXPLAIN TO THE POSITION OF THE OTHER PARTY STILL HAS CERTAIN LIMIT FEELING, WANT TO PREVENT DEAD GUARD, LEST THE OTHER PARTY INVADE. Such a life distance implies a psychological distance between the two, indicating that the aunts are psychologically mutually exclusive. No wonder two people fight and fight all their lives. Now my son is in his 20s, and they often quarrel.

A good relationship between husband and wife, although there will be a certain distance, will also have a sense of boundaries, will respect each other, but will not let each other touch their daily necessities. Good couples respect each other in their thoughts and maintain intimacy in their lives. In a word, a good relationship between husband and wife can be judged by daily behavior. Couples in love talk a lot. They emphasize communication. They also do household chores and share life responsibilities. In daily life, they are also close. If you want to make each other love you more, then chatting with each other more, even if talking about the weather, complaining about TV drama together, is also a kind of communication; Pay attention to each other’s household chores, too. One cooks, and the other remembers to clean the dishes; At the same time, don’t separate yourself from each other about everyday things. Families are indistinguishable. Once separated, afraid no longer a family.

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