Tell YOU TEN GOOD PLACES to date!!

1. Coffee Dessert Intimacy Index: 1 star Consumption: 25 per person This is a great place to increase the sense of connection, it is best to prepare what to drink before you go, such as magic card, Starbucks coffee of the week (which can reflect your inner taste), etc. There are also some topics that increase the sense of connection, such as: childhood stories, interesting events in life. Because, coffee shop is a very suitable place for chatting, two people sit, not tired, so there will be a lot of time to communicate, let two people gradually get familiar with.

2. Shopping Intimacy Index: 2 stars Spending: per capita 0 You might think that shopping is something, but in fact, it is the most difficult one of all dating, and one of the most effective ways to enhance the relationship. Beautiful business district, hand in hand to see the night scene, see beautiful things, or night on the beach sit on a stone snuggle to listen to the waves, hand in hand to walk the seaside path, laughter, tired cold hot, turn to rest.

3. Hairdresser Intimacy Index: 2 stars You may not think of, this is also a way of dating, this is also a girl’s unexpected, can show you a special side oh! Ask a girl to go to a movie or shopping, first go to a hairdresser to cut hair, wash hair, etc., you can go to a more tastful hairdresser like Dongtian modeling and Catton, which not only reflects your life but also shows your value. Then, ask her to sit next to you or wash her hair, which is a formal elevation, because only a girlfriend can do your hair with you. Subconsciously, it also means that she has accepted you.

4. Eating out Intimacy index: 2 stars Consumption: 10~100 per capita After playing outside for a long time, when it comes to the meal point, it is inevitable to have a meal. It is recommended that the tableware be delicate, not too expensive, and the purpose is to fill the stomach and not to be low. If it is a dinner, you can choose French food Star Merlot, 60, 80 per person, and Italian food Saria, 40 per person. If it is a late-night snack, it is recommended to drink porridge, like one heart and one tea restaurant and other places, porridge is cheap, and the environment is not bad. If you are still interested in dating during the day, you can eat barbecue and drink some beer, which is good for relationship promotion. After 10 PM, there are large and small barbecue stalls everywhere, about 40 per person.

5. Gaming intimacy index: 3 stars Consumption: 20 games per person! It’s a way to be happy! Video games were born. How to make girls emotional surge, but also can natural physical contact, is bound to be in the video game city. In asking many girls, they all like to play shooting, which comes from the youthful feelings of the sunny boys galloping on the basketball court when they were students; The second is racing, purely for excitement, as they like to play roller coasters, queuing for dozens of minutes to play minutes down the clock and then queuing to play. Finally, play with a claw machine and grab a doll for the girl. At this time you have a question, do girls like plush dolls? The answer is yes. From a very young age, they hold stuffed toys instead of cars, Transformers, and stuffed dolls that feel good, and cute, and give them a sense of security.

6. Film intimacy index: 4 stars Privacy index: 4 stars Consumption: 50 general cinemas per capita, and large shopping malls have them. It is recommended that group buying is more affordable. To balance the investment, you can ask the girl to buy you drinks and popcorn at the same time you buy the movie ticket. Here is a little trick to tell you, when you sit down with a girl, you can pick up the armrest between the two seats to facilitate the process of watching the movie from the body to the high relationship. There is also a kind of private cinema, which is a kind of implication in itself. If a girl goes on date, she agrees that you two lonely men and women are in the same room, and something may happen. Do you know!

7. DIY cake intimacy index: 4 stars Consumption: 50 per capita the fastest to improve the familiarity with girls, is to let girls do the same thing with you, DIY cake is the best choice! It’s all about the process, not about whether the cake tastes good or not. Of course, if you know how to make a cake, it will be better. And the consumption is not expensive, the group purchase is less than 100, and the process is relatively long and convenient for physical contact.

8. Nightclub intimacy index: 4 stars Consumption: 70 per person in a quiet bar, and AA250 in a bar when two people choose a music bar, a quiet bar, and order cocktails. The following categories can be ordered according to the demand, which is all liked by girls. One, containing dairy products, Alexander (Alexander): milk aroma is strong, wine taste is heavy, sweet, about 25 degrees. Two, transparent soda, Mojito cocktail, drink a cup, the face will be flushed, like a girl’s shyness. The taste is very fresh, a little astringent, a little sweet, not a high degree, not strong three, invisible killer. Zombie (Zombie), the fruit flavor is relatively strong, there is a slight, slightly bitter smell, there will be a little bit of mint fragrance, 45 degrees, high cup. Long Island ice tea, is easy to drink, sweet, about 35 degrees, drink to the throat will have warm reflux, very pleasant. Dry Martini, the king of cocktails, tastes spicy and has an alcohol content of about 34°. When you are about a few girls, you can call a few brothers to play together, so that everyone can easily pay money, but also hot with a fun point.

9. Ferris Wheel Romance index: 5 stars Intimacy Index: 4 stars Brothers in Shenzhen can pay attention to 2015, Shenzhen will build the world’s highest 218-meter Ferris wheel “Chinese Eye”, located in Splendid China, a place with the highest kiss in the world! There are also several good large ferris wheels, such as Hong Kong Central Waterfront Ferris Wheel (cost: 100 Hong Kong dollars per person), and Guangzhou Tower Ferris Wheel. You can search according to your city. Ferris wheel, which is the place of Kiss, girls will have a special idea in their hearts, that is, it symbolizes romance and happiness.

10. Cooking at home Intimacy Index: 5 stars Consumption: 40 per capita This is another time when you can achieve perfect tacit understanding with girls. Think about it, girls and you in a private space, cooking together, but also can play for a while, occasionally talk about recipes, say some dirty stories, is not a bit like boyfriend and girlfriend? This is how girls want to feel! It is recommended that you can fry a steak, and it is simple and quick to force the fork. The material is recommended to be prepared in advance, and it can be stored in the refrigerator for a few days. For wine, you can have an RIO cocktail or red wine. See so many places, still hesitate what, action, to a good weekend!

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