7 dating details You do, you are a master in love

Many people try to spend more money than they can afford to go on a date with a woman who is almost a stranger and may end up getting nothing. Fortunately, the pickup system doesn’t require you to spend money to attract women, and in fact, for most women, if they think you’re trying to impress them with money, they’ll lower their chances of dating you. A lot of people will ask a girl out to dinner, which is actually a cliche. She’s probably had hundreds of dinner dates. Now you’re implying that you’re safe, but like everyone else, ask her out to dinner. It’s not going to kill you, but it’s not going to make the point. You’re no different from everyone else, and it’s likely that you’re not going to be the same after this date. Here’s why date dinner is even worse: At date dinner, you may be sitting across from each other, which makes physical contact difficult.
Remember: you can’t convince a woman to stay close with you. Movement is the most important thing. Dinner dates are a great test of your chatting skills, because there is no other entertainment at dinner. After a big meal, people usually feel lazy, bloated, and the passion and sex appeal completely disappear. Speaking of money, don’t always schedule expensive entertainment, don’t schedule entertainment that costs a lot, but has a good price, don’t use coupons, don’t just ask for plain water at the bar, or give a small tip. Women pay attention to these things and try to schedule activities that aren’t that expensive in the first place.
Museum, aquarium, zoo, art galleries, live music performance, or the theatre, the cinema, hiking or picnic, some activities can not be only the first activity is to fill the date, but experienced people know that the simple activities together, by contrast, this is long and arrange for a single event effect is much better. Many PUAs recommend taking girls to art galleries, museums or music performances, because these activities can show your taste and level. And if you go deep and explain the mystery to her, it may be a field that they have never touched before.
In addition, in a pavilion to visit has been completed, can go to a nearby coffee shop sit, thin a chat, embarrassed than before, you should have certain knowledge, in this process, can be a good watch this girl is your food, you can be filtered to each other, whether to choose transitions. If you feel good, you can just ask to continue to the next dinner, dessert, bistro… This series of actions can lay the foundation for your final private space operation. If you’re not happy with a woman, you can just pretend to take a phone call and leave while you’re sitting at a coffee shop. It won’t hurt her pride, and you can also do it naturally.

Here are some things to pay attention to when eating:

1. Take the initiative to invite her to dinner, because most girls don’t want to say that they are hungry.

2. Ask her what she wants to eat, and if she doesn’t, decide on the menu yourself.

Don’t push and shove, so you think the other side of the comity, actually will make the other side embarrassed. Be careful not to order food with teeth on it, because it will ruin the atmosphere.

3. Try not to make a sound when eating, and eat while talking.

4. You can eat as much as you want. Girls usually like boys to have a strong appetite.

5. the first date must not force each other to drink, this will make each other unhappy, and she can use you to force her to drink as an excuse to refuse to date with you again.

6. Don’t pack a lot, whether you can or not.

7.if she drinks, her face turns red, do not laugh at the girl, to praise her more.

Of course, our date may also have some emergencies, such as being late. In order to avoid being late, we have to prepare in advance, start in advance, even if we wait for the girl for one or two hours, the first date impression must be left well. If you really can’t be late, remember to rush to the date location, gasp for air to apologize to the other party, and then naturally find an excuse, such as “in the XX traffic jam, so anxious I jumped out of the car to run over, running my breath like a bull.” Or “I’m trying to find a gift you like, so I can’t catch up… (Of course, you have to have a reason for this.) “In short, make it reasonable and don’t let her know that you are late because of negligence, and it has nothing to do with the car or the gift. This kind of promise helps to dispelling the girl’s dissatisfaction, the motive is good, can not be regarded as malicious deception. However, late this kind of thing can happen once, but can’t happen many times, lie to say much, will eventually reveal.

At the end of the day, it is best to say goodbye to her at the appropriate station, wait with her until the bus arrives, and leave after she gets on and the bus leaves. If she is willing to let you drive her home, it means that she has a bit of a heart for you. The timing of the separation must be controlled, meaning that the first date should end when the girl still wants to spend time with you. It was a trick to make her look forward to her next date. At the same time, you should use the following invitation techniques. For example, while waiting for the bus, you ask her: “Today is the summer solstice. Do you know what the summer solstice means?” She said she didn’t know, and then the car came. You say, “Well, I’ll let you know on our next date.” Repeat the next time and place, then walk her to the car. Or, when she’s about to break up, she says, “I had a great evening with you.”

You have to immediately hit the button and say, “That’s great, I’ll make you happier next time.” Then repeat, appropriately, when and where the next date will be.

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