Awkward first date?

Dating is the most taboo “cold”, two people do not know what to say, what to do, the situation becomes tense at the beginning, and what to say is difficult to continue. A dead date is a dead date. But both sides keep talking about topics they are good at or interested in to show themselves, and the result is the same: the girl feels worse.

What you talk about when you first meet is important. So what’s good to talk about on a first date? How do women make a good impression on a first date? When two people meet on a first date, it is easy to fall into an awkward situation with no words to talk about due to their unfamiliarity with each other. If we keep sitting like this, the two people will be even more awkward. So on the first date, we should learn to create a topic.

◆ Find the cut point ◆

The conversation point is to open the conversation with the appropriate tone and topic at the right time. For example, for girls who like to make up in the circle of friends, you can say: “I found that your eyelashes are quite delicate today. Do you usually have any tips for staying up late and skin maintenance?” Then you sit back and wait for the girl to talk about it.

Many books on social networking have written that if you don’t know what to say, you can extract a word in the other person’s speech as your keyword, and then expand the narrative. Using the first example, when the boy asks the girl whether she is busy at work, if the girl says not very busy, then the boy can use “busy” as his key word and say: I envy you, I am very busy at work, and I have no time to watch movies.

Then the girl may use the movie as her keyword, and the conversation will be centered around the movie, and they can discuss their favorite movies. If you don’t like watching movies, do you have any hobbies in your spare time? Then the girl might talk about some of her hobbies, and then diverge based on the conversation.

◆ Guided chat ◆

You can lead the conversation topic to the topic you want to say. What was your most memorable event of 2017? What do you think of the collective Posting of 18 years old photos on Moments? A guided chat is about setting the stage slowly, leading the conversation to the topic you want to talk about, rather than awkwardly asking questions. The first time you go on a date with a girl you like, it’s hard to avoid being nervous about what you’re going to talk about. It’s not that difficult to chat on a first date. Start with a light conversation and step by step induce topics of interest to your partner.

On a first date, what topics do you usually talk about with girls? What to pay attention to when chatting with girls, today to share: 7 topics to talk about with girls on the first date.

◆ Focus the conversation on you◆

Keep the conversation focused, not rambling. The theme is to get to know you. Talk about your upbringing, your work environment, your views on love, marriage, and your future.

The memory of your childhood life must be very interesting, tell the story of childhood fun, can adjust the atmosphere, but also, by the way, you can tell the other side of your family situation logically.

Tell me a story about when you were in high school and your teacher made you stand, and incorporate it into your story about when and where you were admitted to and where you went to college. Introduce yourself with a story, don’t read your resume with a straight face. Tell me about your current job. The main thing is to tell an interesting story about your work. Logically, tell the person the nature of your work, the organization you work for, what your colleagues think of you, etc., but don’t tell the person how much you make, although they might want to know. Of course, if she asks, just tell her. Tell her a funny story about what you have to tell her, and she’ll find that this person is fun and interesting to be with.

Remember that girls are emotional, the story is emotional, with emotional things to move each other. If you seriously talk about history, she will feel very bored. Her understanding of you is carried out in the process and content of this chat. Your eyes, expression, attitude, and your personality, habits, love, talent, three views, etc., have been integrated into it. She has been looking for feelings in the feeling.

◆ Be confident and control your expressiveness◆

Dating some of the boys, afraid of failure, to give each other a good impression, and eager to express themselves, or too much echo, please the other party or want to empty their advantage all, think to let each other know he has a chance of advancement, rich, have a house, talented, understand literature, understand life, each other will fall in love with him. You’re a little naive.

Even if you’re tempted to reveal that you’re about to become a manager, do so in a subtle way that doesn’t come across as a show-off. This is just the first date. If it’s meant to be, do it on the third date. If there is no next time, you will talk more in vain. Remember not to try to please the other person, let alone to agree with the other person unprincipled. You can be silent, but you can’t lose yourself to echo each other. About Ma Rong, your opinion is different from hers. You can express it or not. Just change the topic. Don’t argue, don’t immediately say yes, yes, yes, you’re right. What if she finds out she’s wrong? If you do this, you will make the other party look down on you.

◆ Humorous and interesting, with connotation◆

Both men and women feel funny when they speak with humor. Your first date with her is all about feeling, so it has to be fun. Interesting has a feeling, not an interesting feeling?

M: After chatting for a long time, don’t you find anything good about me? Like looks.

Woman: Yes, very handsome!

Man: Thanks! I also find you merit, is very honest!

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