Things to note about dating during the ambiguous period

Today we will talk about this ambiguous period, this ambiguous period is to continue to pave the way for comfort and meet, and focus on the invitation to meet. Meet, once a week is good, the date is not too long, see good. This is similar to the conversation, in the most happy time to end, the other person’s mind to remember the impression of the date is very happy. I usually let my clients spend the ambiguous period according to the plan of a month, about 4 dates, the first date is usually to have a meal, the second date is to choose the countryside, the third date is to let the man pick you up after work + dinner + walking, and the fourth date is to watch a movie. This is not absolute, for the first time to eat more everyday a bit, the other party also won’t have so much alert, the second two people will be a little relaxation, outdoors a little nearer distance, or do something more stimulus can mobilize mood project, only a little less alert for the third time together for a period of time, training more emotion, Show more of what you didn’t show the first two times, so that he can find a little more of you every time they meet. The fourth time you go to the movies, preferably horror movies, love movies that can mobilize emotions. In fact, love is nothing more than to talk about the mood, he in a certain environment atmosphere of the mood, the brain will unconsciously think that this is because of together with you. Being good at listening is more important than being good at talking, and being good at getting people to talk is more important than being good at listening. Figuring out what he wants to talk about most, and asking him questions that will make him happy after answering them, is what is called understanding. Then timely praise and affirmation is also essential, to praise the heart, sincere, create more benign interaction. Don’t be so casual as to flatter him on purpose, so that he feels guilty, too high to exceed his self-awareness, he will feel very uncomfortable, you are close to him with purpose. In addition, it is recommended that you prepare some jokes and topics before meeting him, and don’t be embarrassed. What to do if you feel a little cold; You can say his name, grab his attention, and then move on to the next topic. People are usually very sensitive to their names. Hearing your own name will form a conditioned response, and your attention will be instantly focused. Chat mood is positive positive energy, and finally the timing right can be appropriate, the language indicated that he once, is the appropriate self disclosure, by sharing a little secret or do some appropriate “honest”, you expressed his unsuspecting attitude to him, you will yourself vulnerable to show up. Also, be aware that the little flaw you confess is just a “little flaw.” Say their own a trivial ailment will trigger other people’s love, such as can say to each other recently a little insomnia, recently the body is a little uncomfortable, recently always not very good memory, this will arouse the other party’s protective desire. The other person will think, even though he is not feeling well, he still comes out to see me, and he stays in such good shape that he feels needed and valued. After meeting each other, you can appropriately praise each other for being more handsome than before, and you are still very happy with him. If you can try to make the next date at the most happy time in the dating process. For example, when you meet, you can mention that there is a place that is particularly fun and you want to go, and it is estimated that you will also like it, and you can take you there next week. The chance of agreeing to it will be much greater, and he will be looking forward to it all week, so you will occupy his time, understand? It is ok to have a physical contact of 2-3 times, you can pat his shoulder, accidentally touch his hand when handing things, accidentally bump into his arms, you can even give him a more shy look in response to ah, it is expected that the boy has begun to have a little bit of control at this time. The other thing is, keep smiling, not to let you fake smile, but to give the other person a kind of, elegant or cute playful feeling, to show him your strong aura and confidence. True, a beautiful woman if sweetly with thoracic kyphosis hadn’t confident smile is better than a general but, sunshine self-confidence, charming, elegant and attractive woman that is you give yourself to stick a label, is in your eyes, you are a what kind of person, you don’t go to affirm oneself, believe in yourself. How can the other person believe that you truly believe in being a high-value partner? So there is a saying that is particularly right, a woman’s life state, life attitude is written on the face, the feeling and aura you give people, really will affect the overall judgment of you. Temperament this must give her a pinch of death, remember? Ha ha ha ha After about 4 times to meet, you could think that you two have almost made up, but in the end that enough couldn’t Pierce? The two still haven’t confirmed their reconciliation. In fact, why did the other party not take the initiative to make up with you and continue to maintain an ambiguous relationship? What on earth was he worrying about? We speak a lot of girls under the next class – again and again feel the pain of a phase, we also call it the darkest hour is nearest the dawn.

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