How often do couples go on dates?

According to the survey of Laoduxiaodao, only a small number of girls think it is better to date every day, and the vast majority think that once a week or once three days. Among them, most of the girls who answered once a day were long-distance relationships and had less time to meet, while those who answered once a week were in the same place with their boyfriend. It seems that there are many people who can’t see each other every day because of work or other reasons. Those who answered once a week and once every three days were more likely to say they would be bored if they met every day. So if you are not a long distance relationship, and both sides are working in a region, usually of the time is enough, then can achieve the best effect of frequency is once a week, because it can not only keep both sides look forward to, also won’t let her feel you are too cold to her, and it is the frequency of most of girls like. After all, dating should follow small meals, small separation is better than new marriage! A little separation can make the relationship stronger and have their own space. If the long-term greasy together again passionate heart will be tired!

Of course, you can go on a date once a week, but you have to contact each other every day. Although dating is the best catalyst to promote a relationship, it is also necessary for a relationship to grow faster without contact, which makes many couples curious about dating skills. Dating may not happen every day, but contact must happen every day. After all, a good relationship is maintained, just like the skin needs to be moisturized at all times, but love also needs to be preserved. In fact, there is the same truth in love, the so-called life, twice, often meet can close the distance between each other. The more often you are present in her life, the more you unconsciously increase your weight in her psyche. So in love, in order to achieve the best results of dating, we must grasp the number of dates, so as to achieve a degree of relaxation, not to let each other feel the feeling of being left out, but also to let both sides can leave some space for imagination.

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