14 Pre-date preparations that girls will love

Here’s how to prepare for every date with a girlfriend :(for long-distance, online dating, and regular dating)
1. – think about which a few sets of clothes with up to five days in advance (including underwear), with good watches and shoes, if not out to go shopping to buy new, finished that can let the girl friend’s evaluation (straight boyfriend don’t ask, the answer is 99: well, I feel ok (but not really ok to wear clothes ironed, washed in the wardrobe for the first.
2. Cut your hair a week ahead of time — don’t cut it too much before your date, because it won’t save you if Peppa Pig incarnate. Just a trim. Boys’ hair is at its most natural length after a week of trimming.
3. The night before your date, cut your 20 nails clean and rounded (emphasis added), get rid of excess nose hair, and trim your eyebrows. Male eyebrow is very simple, as long as the hair is good, watch the online tutorial will be five minutes (pro test, but buy the eyebrow shaving knife in advance). Go to bed early, no! To play! Swim! The play!
4. The day of the date – shave your beard in the morning, wash and blow your hair, and apply oil or gel. Draw GOOD EYEBROW (BOY THRUSH IS AS simple AS shAVING EYEBROW, BECAUSE EYEBROW shape is generally saber EYEbrow, buy EYEbrow pencil in advance, novice eyebrow powder is enough). Wear some perfume (not too heavy to make you look greasy), and if you smell a little bit, no Skincare soap will do.
5. Start to control your schedule and diet a week in advance – don’t eat spicy and sweet foods, and drink plenty of water to avoid breakouts (because you don’t wear makeup).
6. Run and jump rope a month ahead of time – Guys like to be anaerobic because they have muscles, but it’s actually aerobic that determines your performance (if you have that plan). But stop jumping around in the first three days to avoid pulling a strain.
7. Plan the trip in advance, go shopping or eat, watch movies or sing K, buy tickets in advance to watch movies and watch Douban score, don’t watch bad movies, sing K and practice songs in advance, and if you travel, you have to go through the scenic route several times. I’ve had the awkward experience of unplanned movie theater dates before.
8. Choose a restaurant before the date, and ask the girl what she wants to eat, but only if you already have the answer in mind (this rule applies to any question in the dating process), have at least three options, and try to avoid hot pot and barbecue places. (If you really want to, keep a bottle of clothing perfume spray in your bag)
9. It is easy to sweat in summer, put on antiperspirant before going out, and wear lip balm for dry lips in winter (girls are very sensitive to dry and cracked lips).
10. It’s best not to buy a gift on a first date (my friend’s date gave her a history book he loved, however). If you do buy it, you’ll get it more than a week in advance. Don’t buy anything too expensive. Don’t buy flowers.
11. Get to the date 15 minutes early to calm down, and if it’s summer, you can sneak in a few push-ups (to get your muscles pumped up, as models do) before you meet. Manage your expressions and smile naturally when you meet. I used to meet the first words: “Hello, XXX”.
12. You don’t have to think of a topic before the date, but have a joke or two on hand for a rainy day (no dirty jokes!). Other free play, forget the routine, show your true self, as long as follow the principle of “generous, respect, sincerity” and the rest is go get her boy! If you don’t plan to stay overnight, please offer to send the girl home after the date.
13.It is best to drive, and take a taxi to her downstairs if you don’t have a car. If only to the bus station, the girl’s journey home may be difficult… Go downstairs to her house and say, “It was a great day,” but stop there. See her at the door until she’s out of sight, home, over.

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