What can college sweethearts do on a date besides eating and watching movies?

The girlfriend likes to play, although there is not much time to date together, but the total amount of five years is still OK, now share it with you, and record it by yourself. I hope to provide some guidance for the majority of male compatriots, especially the post-00s who are deeply puzzled!

1. The most the most the most simple, it must be a good snack, if economic conditions permit, can go to a fancy restaurant to order, to chat, but I think most people in the mall to eat, eat in the mall, or eat specialties, or eat web celebrity restaurant, don’t find a simple and common sample to date after all! Tips: One is to make an appointment in advance, and the other is to make an appointment in advance.

2. You can watch a movie, which is relatively limited, after all, the date time is often, but the good movie is not often. I didn’t go to the movies with my girlfriend for half a year because I really didn’t feel like there were any good movies to watch. Of course, there are good movies, and then make an appointment to enjoy them together is also a very happy thing.

3. Go shopping together, it is the best to have a desire to buy. Those who have conditions can go to big brand stores, and those who do not have conditions can go to popular stores.

4. Take photos together, it is best for men and women who have this hobby, bring a camera (or mobile phone) to hit the online red dot, take some photos, men who have this special skill should be very popular, after all, girls like their pictures of themselves. If you don’t have this kind of expertise, you can go to the studio to take a photo. The popular point is about 200RMB for a photo, with makeup and finishing, which is very nice. Then you can make an appointment to take a photo every year, you can wear different styles, and record the beauty of time.

5. Traveling together is so important. Time and energy allowed to go out together, to visit the great rivers and mountains of the motherland, can leave a lot of good memories, I and my girlfriend in the northwest of a road trip (the year before last, the hot Chaka salt Lake, Moon Lake, etc.). This is to do homework and prepare in advance, and don’t forget to take more photos of this.

6. Cook together. No matter how delicious the meal is, it may be a few dishes in the morning, but as long as we do it together, it is very happy and can leave good memories. Don’t do? There are a lot of online videos and apps, do it a few times and don’t forget to take photos!

7. Play Escape Room together. The secret room escape is mostly when boys embody courage and wisdom. At this time, girls are easy to rely on and admire. If boys are also playing for the first time, it is OK to experience the dilemma in the secret room together.

8. A very hot script kill. The price is mostly below 100, the time is very long, it is a role play, everyone only knows their own setting, according to this setting to participate in the discussion, there are joy, camp, suspense, etc., couples can meet to play, two people’s relatively boring, can be about five or six friends together.

9. Go to attractions together. This may be together for a long time to visit the attractions of the city, but if there are still places to go, including some small ones, you can also go around, in case there is any new discovery.

10. Go mountain climbing together. Occasionally, you should take the initiative to get close to nature. Climbing a mountain is a good choice. When you reach the top of the mountain, you have a sense of accomplishment.

11. Go to the zoo together. The last time I suddenly wanted to go to the zoo, I felt like I was going to the zoo when I was a child. It has been more than ten years, and it seems that I have not been to the zoo. Do you have such a feeling? I can’t see the lion tiger for a long time, and then I took my girlfriend to see the giant panda, vultures, flamingoes and so on, and the happiness of the children came back.

12. Travel to new cities together. College students can choose to visit the cities around the university.

13. Take a long train ride together. We haven’t done this together yet. My girlfriend has been sitting on it all day and night. I want to be with her when I have the chance.

14. Play mahjong together. If there is another couple also like it, it is better to find a time when you don’t want to go out.

15. Exercise together. This really can be, pull girlfriend jogging or swimming, sweat, the mood of natural beauty.

16. Ride bikes together. Haven’t you ridden a bike in a long time? Now there are many shared bicycles in the city, unlock 2 together, and ride slowly on the road of the city is very good. When you are tired, you can buy something to eat and drink at the roadside store.

17. Watch a play together. Don’t forget this. Variety shows and online dramas can be brushed, and any party can be amlianli, and there will be many topics to talk about after watching the drama.

18. Go to the playground together. This also want to find the happiness of childhood ah, what Trojan horse, jumping machine, big pendulum, roller coaster all come again, let her hold you shout!

19. Diy hotpot together. Go to the street to buy food, buy condiments, come back to wash up, set up, a hot pot can cure everything.

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