What can an introverted straight man do on a first date with a girl?

nstead of what you can do, it might be useful to say a few things you’d better not do. The first time you meet, don’t send things, especially flowers or scarves. gifts, not to say that things are too cheap girls don’t look up to, but the first time you meet everyone is not familiar, girls will feel embarrassed and burden. Don’t look back and forth or look at the sky when talking, girls see that you are not confident at a glance, and the image will be discounted. Don’t say disparaging words, the truth can’t say, the same reason, like a person try to slowly become better, and then let her know. Don’t sneak a peek at someone’s chest or butt or thigh when you think she’s not paying attention. Once a girl finds a clue, the image drops to zero. Don’t go to someone’s home downstairs or unit without an appointment in advance, and temporarily tell them that I will pick you up. This is not thoughtful, it is abrupt. After meeting, if you have a good feeling, after sending the girl home, you can ask “Did you get home safely?” To test the reaction of the girl, there is a reply to explain the success, no reply to temporarily do not continue to send messages, wait for a cool night to try again. Don’t clock in “Good morning” and “good night” every day, especially if they don’t respond. If you want to start a conversation, don’t start with “Are you at work?” or “Are you up?” start with an anecdote, “I saw today… Funny “or a video of a cat licking its PAWS. If you’re sure the person likes you, the more you do, the better. If you have the knockout looks or the wealth, you can do whatever you want and chances are you won’t be rejected after the first meeting. Creepiness is an exception.

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