What should you pay attention to on a first date with a guy you like?

I have a dating crash course, 60 seconds to help you date successfully.
1. Relax: Don’t be nervous, because he’s probably more nervous than you are. And he’s only one person, nothing to be afraid of.
2. Be real: When you express your opinion, don’t pretend to like or dislike it. Real is sexy because you’re unique.
3. Be respectful, not approving: “You look like you need energy. Would you like a cup of coffee?” “And” Can we go for coffee? The former is respect, and the latter looks like you’re seeking approval, which sounds unassertive.
4. Don’t doubt yourself: He has seen your picture or seen you. If you are not attracted to him, he will not show up to you.
5. 60:40 Rule: 60% listen. 40% said.
6. If you’re having fun with him, text him that night. That way, you can give him feedback about your relationship progress, which can keep him motivated. This is also a very successful way to avoid the “why do men chase after chasing after not chasing” problem.
7. People who click like are getting better and better. Phase from the heart, will like the person that there are others in the heart, there is a heart of gratitude, the face will be more and more beautiful. If you find that you suspect me of being a serious bullshit, there’s no proof. The proof is please see why I am so handsome?

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