When is the right time to express your love on a date?

It is best not to confess. Dating is two together to do what you like to do (don’t think about it), as the number of times increases, will slowly be able to understand each other, also want to see, in addition to like each other’s appearance, there are any advantages that you appreciate. If you have been dating, even half the success, take this time to understand each other, understand each other’s three views, each other’s dream life channel, each other’s personality characteristics, concentrate on getting along with each other, don’t play with mobile phones. During this period, try to do some different activities with each other and play some small games. For example, wear the same color and ask someone to take you somewhere you haven’t been. Really, don’t say it yet, procrastinate. As a man, don’t be too ambiguous on the phone, don’t always use the phone to finish the words, all stay in reality, say face to face. My ideal state is that the man really don’t think so much, just go with the flow has been dating, unless the woman can’t wait, dare to ask, otherwise, and her consumption. This period will be a good memory for you in the future. When you accidentally touch that line when you interact with each other in reality, it may be that you sign your hand accidentally when crossing the street, hold each other unconscious when watching a movie, or she cries when watching a play together, and then you naturally know what to do…

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