How much does it cost to date guys?

1. Date snacks, milk tea, dinner, movies, etc. 800 for a day, 300 for a night in a hotel, and the 300 behind the key often want to spend no chance.

2. Not only do you give her flowers, you also have to look dapper, dress too shabby, how to compare with the old Wang next door?

3. Valentine’s Day every month, you have to serve red envelopes.

4. Start shopping and eating, then you have to increase the size, buy clothes, buy jewelry, of course, not your money!

5. Not only do you need to give her gifts, but you also need to get her family relationship in place.

6. Hang out, eat and drink, and don’t give it a chance when it matters.

7. About to give someone else a daughter-in-law.

8. Learn to be willing, and it will take a long time to win.

9. To meet friends and girlfriends, you have to give people a long face.

10. It’s also a big time investment. You had a lot of time to move bricks, but you ended up on a date.

11. The opportunity cost is also very large. Maybe you work overtime and work hard to develop this, the boss will appreciate it, and you will go up.

12. If you’re not introduced by an acquaintance, you’re more likely to fail.

13 buy buy buy insist, have broken feelings are not sincere.

14. You have to buy off the people around her, such as BFFS, to help out in key moments.

15. To learn romance, it takes three days of small surprises and five days of big surprises.

16. We should have a fresh sense, travel more and experience the local conditions and customs of different places.

17. We should go smoothly in the future. We should rent a good share, and you should pay the rent.

18. Buy a house to put on the agenda, have to start to see.

19. If it’s a long-distance relationship, congratulations, direct surprise.

20. Accompany sick and uncomfortable to the hospital for maintenance.

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