When dating a girl, you must learn to “touch”!

In the eyes of many straight men, it means taking advantage of girls and eating girls’ tofu. As long as they can pull their little hands and touch their thighs, they feel so happy, this wave is not lost!

But in the eyes of the masters, body movement is a great way to upgrade your relationship with a girl.

As long as the use of physical touch is good, it can easily collapse the girl’s defense, so that girls slowly get used to your body touch, feel comfortable, and naturally develop to kissing or even patter.

Today, the prodigal son will teach you a few ways to move in, for everyone to use when dating girls!

Blitzing body movement, as the name suggests, is very fast, very short, and does not give the other party the opportunity to reject themselves. Here are a few examples to get a feel for:

For example, when you tell a joke and a girl laughs, you can quickly pinch her face and say, “Look at your double chin!”

For example, you grab a lock of a girl’s hair, smell it and say, “What brand of shampoo do you use? It smells good.”

In short, when you are joking with girls, it is actually a good time to move on.

Especially if you tease her and “touch her” at the same time, your words will distract the girl’s attention and make your move seem more natural.

In the relationship between men and women, women are naturally in a protected role. So under this premise, we can use some polite actions to show our gentleman.

Touch her in a gentlemanly way, which will not make the girl feel rude, but also let her feel that you are a considerate and good man who will take care of the girl. Especially when you just met, it is one of the best ways to brush girls!

For example, when a girl gets in the car, you can hold her hand and send her into the car;

For example, when you are walking side by side, traffic suddenly comes from behind, you can support her shoulder to pull to safety;

Or if you’re watching a movie with a girl, you can hold her hand at the end of the movie to make sure you don’t get separated in the crowd.

When dating a girl, there are some unexpected situations, and if you have enough confidence and courage, then these unexpected situations can be a stepping stone for you to get a girl.

For example, if you are riding the subway with a girl, for example, if a hurried person accidentally bumps into a girl, you can pull the girl to your side and show a wave of boyfriend power.

For example, if a girl accidentally sprain her ankle in high heels, you can bend down and touch her ankle, and take care of a few words, and the girl will instantly have a good impression on you.

In short, all emergencies can be the beginning of physical contact between you and a girl. These emergencies can be a small collision when you turn around, or a careless friction when you are in a crowded place. Finally, please remember: any physical advances must be carried out on the premise that the girl has a good impression on you. If the relationship between the girl and you is not in place at present, you are eager to achieve it, and you will surely reap a loud big ear scratch.

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