On a date, do this kind of thing, the girl wants more than you

In the vast majority of cases, guys and girls dating basically just think about how to upgrade the relationship, how to hold the girl’s hand, how to kiss and so on. But what do girls think? Here we have a precondition, the girl is really willing to come out with you, or just have nothing to do to come out with you, which needs to be felt after face to face contact, or feel in advance in the chat. This requires us to judge a long-term social intuition, if there is nothing to do with you out of girls, then upgrading too quickly will cause girls to not adapt, so we need to judge in advance. Next, we mainly talk about what the girls who are willing to go out with you think.

If the girl has a good impression of you, or even a crush, then on this basis, she will give you some upgrade signals in face-to-face contact [play with her hair, look at you from time to time]. Therefore, the brothers should seize the opportunity, do not let the girl go home after a face is not happy to think, what do we mean to her, whether or not we like her. But there is a fact before you, most of the boys and girls date are staying in the middle of the dinner, watching movies, chat… The most terrible thing is that a date comes down and gives girls the feeling that they can’t eat a meal with a boy, a very ordinary meal, a very boring meal.

So we might as well ask ourselves, we go out with girls to do what? Difficulty IS NOT TO UPGRADE the relationship BETWEEN!! If you continue to stay at the stage of eating, watching movies, chatting, etc., then after a few times, the girl may be intercepted by other little brothers, and the girl’s interest in you will gradually decrease, because the girl wants to find a man, not a tree head. Now will you think, this is a little too fast, the girls will be disgusted with us, not dare to make up your mind to do it, then it is necessary to continue to read the next dry goods;

Before the date: is it before the date, always want to see the girl, what to say and do? How not to be embarrassed. Many new dating brothers, always in the first meeting, as a deflated ball as very wilting, so it can be imagined that two people’s dating must be unusually bad, early end of the kind. But what I have to tell you here is that the cold reception just met does not mean that it has been cold, nor does it mean that it is a bad thing. When there is a cold scene, you can simply chat with girls;

The sun is so big today, with or without a sun umbrella, you can use the scene environment at that time to chat with girls about some interesting things that care about food, and a simple opening can take girls to the date place for a formal date. After arriving at the date, it’s safe to say that I thought it would be awkward for us to meet, but you’re fun; Interaction was carried out according to the state of interaction between girls at that time. By saying this, you basically break the strangeness between you.

Dating: In fact, in dating, girls will be just like guys, thinking about what happens with boys, and will also want to get closer to each other; But girls do not take the initiative to do so because of their reserve, so we boys still need to take the initiative to judge. We should not be afraid of rejection, and do not be afraid of anything, after all, only dare to do it will know the result. Here to teach you a relatively simple method, let the relationship between you step by step upgrade, so that not only accumulate their own courage, the girl will also make corresponding preparations. For example, the hand is divided into some small actions, step by step upgrade, and finally achieve the desired effect. For example: when drinking coffee, hand inadvertently touch a girl’s hand. When crossing the street, hold a girl’s wrist.

Step by step to upgrade the relationship, this purpose is to let the girl adapt to the process, and then to the end of the direct hand in hand, the girl will not appear what is too big reaction, at most is surprised. In fact, it is not a difficult thing to hold hands, but it is a symbolic action, which represents whether the girl is willing to have physical contact with you, and also represents whether the girl is willing to have some relations with you. Therefore, if the brother feels that it is difficult to hold hands, it is difficult for the girl to be willing to promote the relationship with you. But don’t forget the most important point, since a girl is willing to date you alone, it shows that she is interested in you, as long as you don’t make mistakes in the date, then she will be willing to go further with you to a great extent.

Date the tail:

At the end of the date, a girl may feel anxious if she hasn’t done anything.

Such as:

Is this guy interested in me when he arrives?

Is he an elm head?

In fact, during dating, the emotional heat of two people will appear a curve, gradually climbing up after the beginning of the meeting, and will slowly decline when it is finally over. I believe that everyone can also feel, at the beginning of what do not know what to say, and then slowly to say nothing, and then say may not know what, because the date to the end. Therefore, what the boy does at this time is critical and will determine the direction of the relationship between the two people. If you don’t do anything at the end of the stage, then sending the girl home after a simple and shabby, it may be the end of the relationship between you and the relationship will not progress. Girls will only think, the boy asked her out, have dinner, watch a movie, go shopping, and then there is nothing, what does the boy mean, in the end is to be friends or what? So at the end, be sure to leave some signs for the girl to upgrade the relationship, even if nothing is done, just talk about it.

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