What to watch out for on a first date with a guy?

1. Dress: Keep it simple and don’t overdo it. Make the color plain. Dresses are good. Generally, boys like girls in skirts. Wink Oh remember sundress to shave armpits (; ‘⌒ `) this is very important.

2. Makeup: Light makeup is fine. If you don’t have acne, no tears, eye circles are not heavy girls, no makeup. Wash your hair the day before. Never go out with a big oil head. Spray a disposable spray anyway.

3. Dining etiquette: The first blind date is likely to encounter a Western or Chinese food order occasion. Divide the Western food: because the choice of dishes is less, if the man asks you whether you like to eat. Can order. Use the knife in your hand when eating. If you don’t know how well done, the steak is always 7 cents. Avoid bone-in meats like lamb chops. It doesn’t move gracefully. When cutting, the force of the knife face should not rub with the plate to make a sound. Drink soup quietly. Steak napkins are used to keep out the oil while serving the steak. When eating, pad on the thigh, do not wipe the mouth in advance to use. Chinese food: A variety of options. If the man asks what he likes to eat. Just tell him what you can’t eat. Give each other the initiative by letting them order. There are no taboos in eating. Clip dish energizer clip yourself in front of. Ask the waiter to take public chopsticks to help others. If you eat hot pot energizer, do not serve dishes to each other. Don’t pack at the end of the meal. Unless the man asks. Payment: The first meeting is paid by the man.

Pick a restaurant: Even if you have an idea. The energizer does not follow the boy. In addition to your diet can be informed in advance. If you have a problem with dining etiquette or paying for your order on the first date, you will be almost 88 next time.

If it’s a fast food restaurant: McKendrick, KFC, Burger King. Then there are not so many details. Fewer burgers. It’s ugly to take a big bite.

4. Go shopping: Go shopping together for the first time. If you like something. At his own expense. Don’t use their money. That’s when you don’t know the other person’s financial ability and income level. And maintain their own image before confirming the relationship, their own consumption pay for themselves.

5. Like going to an amusement park: No skirts. It’s not appropriate to play projects.

6. No sleepover: No sleepover on the first date. Everybody knows that. Don’t be flirty. And the first time someone asked for a sleepover, it wasn’t a nice person.

7. Meet people: you can take bestie, energize don’t take parents.

8. Don’t talk about work stress: Don’t talk about work stress when you first meet. Don’t complain. The topic needs to be happy and optimistic. Talk about your parents, pets, friends, previous blind dates, or hobbies.

9. Pay attention to etiquette but if the other person is weird or out of order. It can be rejected directly or indirectly.

10. Oh, and if you go to a cafe, you can’t order coffee. Friends who are lactose intolerant get hot cocoa and want coffee, and friends who don’t order all mochas or lattes; Coffee that needs lightning protection: Espresso; American (If you want to order American friends, remember to ask the waiter for milk balls. Don’t opt for granulated sugar cubes or brown sugar either.) Takeaway cup type generally does not have a small cup. Usually you can only choose medium or large.

11. Going to the movies: The main point of the movie is not the content of the movie, but the process of getting along and communicating. It doesn’t matter what movie the guy chooses. Marvel or comedy. Is not important.

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