How can you make a date less boring these days?

● What if you are not interested? I’m just going to give you a few examples in general, in the hope that my friends don’t get caught up in the current dating patterns of eating, watching movies and singing. You can go to think what you’re interested in what is related to the activity around, if you are not interested in anything life is too boring, develop their own hobbies, like cooking can be a friend a forgotten about renting cooked together, drink like photography carrying equipment to interesting places to hiking and photography, and the like.

● What if I have no money? Except for archery horseback riding and art exhibition Tours, the rest of my list is probably less than 100 yuan. More than a few group purchase software life software entertainment software and so on, will be able to find you like and save money on dating. By the way, recommend two mobile phone apps, this free, in addition to the common murder game I am undercover what, recommend dancing and crazy contact, go out to play with small partners when the game what, time passed quickly.

The city is N – tier city not so much play how to do? First of all, you must first go to understand, I did not know that a quiet bar near my home is the base camp of a tourism organization, every day there are a variety of surrounding tour and rock climbing, skiing, skating and so on. Be sure to learn about it first! Really no words can also climb a to take photos of the flower field to find a piece of barbecue a star observatory put up a tent to watch stars galactic meteor shower sunrise sunset and so on a start your brain think about it! When I went to his grandmother’s home with my boyfriend, our entertainment was that he took me to visit the vegetable garden, told me what kind of vegetables this was and what kind of flowers that were, then picked vegetables and washed vegetables to cook by himself, played mahjong together after dinner, and watched the stars at night.

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