What should I watch out for on a first date with a guy I like?

  • Wore on, clean and easy, don’t go what sexy web celebrity lines, his usual style is what style, or a little bit changes (usually don’t wear a skirt, you can wear a simple and easy dress, premise is to suit oneself) makeup natural, delicate, do not deliberately make up to date (make-up), light is good, good base, Can not be a sweat halo makeup, if the skin condition is very good, you can basic sunscreen isolation powder, eyebrow eyeshadow light lipstick is good, if the skin condition is not good, appropriate foundation liquid modification. I don’t need perfume. I just need to take a shower beforehand to wash my hair. The scent of shampoo and body wash is enough. Choose the most comfortable shoes to match your outfit. (flat shoes best, walk not tired feet) on the economy relatively independent and equal, don’t provide myself, also do not take advantage of each other, if you buy something together at the same time, don’t rob to pay, if the other party made clear he pay so you don’t want to continue to contest and AA in private transfer, or buy a corresponding value back to the past. On a first date, hold the line, cuddle, cuddle, hold hands if you can. Can chat first, see each other’s hobbies, habits, three views and their own whether consistent, quietly observe each other’s attitude to their own, whether intentional, whether can confirm the relationship. But enough is enough. Don’t keep asking. Mostly through self-observation. Summer is coming, please bring a sunshade (hat), sunscreen, water cup, tissue, wet tissue (the kind used for the face), if you wear makeup, please bring the corresponding makeup products, and prepare a little patchouli Zhengqi water to prevent heat stroke. Don’t be nervous, don’t be confused just because he is a boy you like, relax, just be a normal friend.

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