What should a girl pay attention to when dating a guy?

Mainly for first dates.

Out of the door:

1. Calculate your time and prepare in advance to avoid being late.

2. Even if you don’t wear makeup, at least wash your hair, fix your nails, and put on clean, comfortable clothes and shoes.

3. Have cash (extra, including change), napkins, umbrellas, band-aids, paper and pens on hand.

4. Don’t talk loudly or point fingers while watching movies.

5. You can order food at dinner, but don’t order everything. Leave a chance for the other party to order food, or discuss it directly with the other party. Don’t order too expensive or too much.

6, when eating, do not only eat, properly communicate with each other, during the performance of natural to each other’s rice, water, paper towels.

7. Don’t be too noisy. After all, it’s not shopping with your girlfriends.

8. Don’t be too formal, silent easy cold, if can appropriate joke and humor is good, but pay attention to the scale.

9. There will be opportunities to communicate during the date, so listen more.

10. Keep an eye on the time, but don’t look at it too often.

11. Offer to pay for part of the date. For example, offer to buy popcorn and drinks while the other person is buying the ticket. If the other person insists on paying for everything, don’t refuse and say it’s on you next time.

12. Remind the person when you have to go back.

The end:

1. Express your feelings about the date (I had a great day……. And so on).

2. Goodbye, be careful on the road…… (smile)

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