The law of three dates. Three dates will tell if two people are compatible

Some guys have been dating a girl several times, but they still don’t know if she is compatible with them. If you don’t know if the girl you’re dating is right for you, here’s a three-date rule. 1, the first date, can eat together some people say, is not suitable, eat a meal to know. The first date meeting is usually to find a place to eat, incidentally, chat, this is the initial impression of each other. In addition, at the table, each other’s character, character, upbringing, and preferences can be clear. We all know whether we are happy or on pins and needles after a meal. Gu blind date met a girl, the other side and he is the same small county, work in a city, the family thinks they meet these convenient, egged on the two people to meet. Small Gu to also nothing, promised, in case of a suitable girl is also a good thing. At the beginning of the meeting in a hot pot restaurant, the girl came after the small Gu out of politeness let each other order food, shoplifting point a pile, beyond the two weights, small gu thought is the first time to meet did not say anything. Did not expect the girl behind the whole process only eat hot pot, to the small Gu chat only reply HMMM ah ah, do not know also thought met the rice to support, the result naturally no follow-up. In the process of dating, men and women should be considerate of each other. When a boy humors a girl, he should also pay attention to whether the girl will be considerate of him. 2. On the second date, it’s important to talk about the compatibility of the two people. How many lovers break up, are in love for a long time after, because there is nothing to say and to the end? Each of us has his own life, every day will face a lot of new things, or be under a lot of pressure, this time needs to share. If you meet someone, it’s normal to think that everyone is calm and uneventful and has nothing to say. There is a bellyful of words also nowhere to tell, that such feelings of marriage which also what meaning? See if they fit, and remember, on the second date, see if we can talk. An open heart and you talk, is trust; Let down your guard to hear you share, is understanding; Talk to people, just suitable to go together. 3. On the third date, it’s important to see how she spends her money. Although we advocate equality between men and women, many girls still measure whether a man is a man by how much money he is willing to spend on himself. And the boys? Willing to spend money on girls is one thing, money is spent on what aspects, and how to spend, these are still pretty concerned about. Have SEEN SUCH A MAKE A CASE: A BOY SALARY IS NOT VERY HIGH, BUT THE GIRLFRIEND SPENDS MONEY LAVISHLY, TODAY IS A BAG, TOMORROW BUYS LIPSTICK, THE BOY SLIGHTLY SAY NEXT SAY THE BOY DOES NOT LOVE ONESELF. I had no choice but to pay for my girlfriend. In the end, the man couldn’t afford it, so he took on more part-time jobs to satisfy his girlfriend. Instead of being grateful, her girlfriend chose another man who could satisfy her vanity better. Sometimes, three views of disagreement really are not just saying. That’s the rule of three dates. It only takes three dates to see if a person is suitable.

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