Things to know about a girl on a first date!

1. Don’t wear lipstick or lipstick in front of him

2, do not take off clothes in front of him even if you are very hot, you can first twist open the button unzip, with him say hot, so he let you take off when looking around again in the take off, you know the girl’s body is very precious, can not look at casually

3. Don’t take you home and stay in the car without getting out immediately

4. Don’t arrive without starting and asking him to open the door for you

5. Don’t let him fasten your seat belt

6, don’t just play a project, the best he asks you to dinner, you ask him to see a movie or he asks you to see a movie you ask him to eat snacks

7. Don’t do everything on his terms

8. Talk to him casually, naturally and generously

9. Don’t let him know when the second date is after the first date. If a guy has ideas for you, he doesn’t have to ask him out again
10. Don’t worry too much about yourself on the first date. What did you do wrong

11. the first date don’t always find him to chat, if he has ideas for you will naturally find you, if not to find you, this man we don’t have to tube, you know although in full bloom, butterflies come naturally

12. Refusal of physical contact

13. Don’t get involved with a guy who asks you how much you make a month

14.  refuse to give you a bag, dish too often refuse, get on the car for you to open the door to be polite


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