How to maintain the relationship between husband and wife? There are seven methods

Compared with falling in love, the relationship between husband and wife needs to be maintained well, after all, it is a lifetime thing. If one problem is not solved, it will lead to more problems later.

Today I want to share with you some practical methods to help you better manage your family life.

1. It is not necessary to be too polite between couples, but the performance of intimacy can be achieved by necessary polite words. For example, if your husband repairs the light, you can hug him and say, “Thank you, honey.” Wife made a delicious meal, you can also hug the wife and say: “My wife is virtuous”, like these small actions, don’t think that two people together for a long time there is no need to be so flaky, it still plays a very important role in mediating the relationship between husband and wife.

2. Have a certain distance Many people think that couples should be together for everything, but in fact, a certain sense of mystery and freshness can maintain the relationship well. So how to create these feelings is to maintain a certain distance. For example, on weekends or short vacations, you can not accompany your partner, but to participate in some work activities and so on. Or in the chat process, don’t blindly shake off their bottom, and occasionally prepare a small surprise for each other, don’t tell each other first.

3. Balance of effort is important not only in the recovery process but also in the maintenance of a couple’s life. More common is in the family life, the woman in the man outside the situation. But this does not mean that the woman must do all the work at home, and the man is not willing to even help; Or go to pick up the children after work, not to say that every day the woman must go to pick up early after work, the man can also occasionally ask for leave to pick up. The family is two people, a person one-sidedly blindly paying, which will only make the relationship between two people more unbalanced.

4. Be polite. Many people think this is unnecessary. It is tempting to think about whether an unhappy couple behaves well. On the contrary, a happy family is full of respect and warmth everywhere. So it’s not unnecessary, it’s needed. Another point is that if you don’t respect each other very much, it also damages your image if outsiders are present and see your impolite behavior. So respect is a habit that should be formed in ordinary times, and it is also a necessary means to promote the development of feelings.

5. Try to Stay close when you’re in love. In the early stages of a relationship, you’ll do everything you can to meet your partner’s needs, but when you get married, many people don’t care enough about their partner. Always think back to the state of both parties in the relationship, in the combination of marital life, and see what can be improved. Maybe because husband and wife life is more concerned about the trivia of life, what to eat and do housework, they forget the beauty of each other when they are in love. This leads to a loss of attraction and life is more like getting things done. Set a small alarm clock to remind yourself how to treat each other when you are in love, and then what to do now, I don’t need to say more.

6. Don’t wash your dirty linen in public When two people live together, arguments are inevitable. But you can make one thing for both of you: don’t wash your dirty linen in public. If you argue in front of your friends, the other party will think you can’t get on with it, and some of them will even give you bad ideas to separate you and affect your later relationship; If you quarrel in front of your parents, your parents will think you are not sensible and will worry about you. No matter from which point of view, letting outsiders know your dirty laundry will not help you solve the problem at all.

7. Timely psychological communication Quarrels are caused by uncontrollable emotions, but when the emotions stabilize, it is necessary to make a psychological communication. Many unhappy couples have accumulated a lot of contradictions in their daily life, but no one is willing to put down faces and communicate sincerely. We can use some humorous language, or lovingly, to ease the embarrassment after each other’s argument. Find the right time to have full communication about the issue. Love is like a house, sometimes the water needs to be repaired, and sometimes the glass is dirty to be cleaned. But as long as the people who live in the house can feel the warmth, then it is all worth it.

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