What do women do when dating lose the most points?

In fact, in dating, not only girls will observe the boy judge whether the boy is suitable for themselves the boy the same, but two people’s reference standards and dimensions are different, the male relativity is not so much as the female to consider the details. Usually, what makes a guy think it’s a bad date is that the girl is not very engaged in the dating process and thinks that the girl is not taking herself seriously and taking herself seriously. In two cases, the first is the girl unintentionally, caused by the contradiction and misunderstanding, and the other is intentional, but she does not know that these are wrong. Here are seven behaviors that can subtract points on a date

1. Only consider the place close to home, which is often seen on the Internet. It says that you must choose a place close to you on a date so that the boy can invest more time and energy. In this way, it can be seen that a boy is sincere, but a boy does not want to choose a place close to his home, which means that the boy does not like him. If a guy wants to be close to your house to take care of you, that’s great, but if he doesn’t, then you shouldn’t jump to conclusions about him. Is equal, in the relationship between men and women get along a lot of girls are concerned, if they are equal, why not to choose a place relative to the compromise, not only can reflect your attention to this date, but will also let the other side a bonus for you if you are to test each other, a lot of time in each other’s eyes will harm your impression, that the loss outweighs the gain

2. Clothing is also a kind of language. Most people will unconsciously judge a person’s social attributes through clothing, and choose the way and attitude to deal with them. Whether a date can be successful depends on the overall feeling you give people, 55% of which depends on your dress and manners. In the appointment of a dress, is to find a boy and a girl aesthetic balance, the boy’s eyes prefer a way, is nothing but a more feminine way of wearing, rather than a form of neutral partial cool for a first date, or the first few dates, it’s best to start don’t choose a few loose fit, the more likely to choose a few cultivate one’s morality, The way you dress for your body, whether sexy or cute, is always right in a feminine direction

3. Lower your head to play with your phone

A lot of times when a girl doesn’t know what to talk about on a date, maybe the guy is also straight, and then the two of you will chat awkwardly, and then you will take out your phone and keep looking at it, right

When you don’t know what to talk about, talk about exactly what you two saw around you on the date, and the conversation will come

4. Things are much more special, and the speed is very fast a lot of people asked me how to become more feminine, more have feminine taste, is often speak not too fast, but the relativity of slower, maybe a temper is urgent, then the speed will be faster, so your image in each other’s eyes will be deducted in the dating process, be sure to keep your speed, Go down to half your normal speech, and then speak as slowly as possible

5. Don’t pay it is not suggested in the process of dating and boy to AA, in most cases, girls and boys are not willing to go Dutch, just they care about the girl’s attitude toward their spending a boy ask you to eat the fire guo, for example, you can ask each other to drink tea with milk, or buy some snacks, in the process of the whole dating, girls can appropriate to pay a proportion of 30% of the money, Then the guy will think that you are serious about this date

6. Always like to test each other a lot of girls would pass a little test to determine the boys will not suitable for yourself, but sometimes can’t do too obvious, will make each other feel product-oriented, interpersonal, product-oriented is a preparedness will provoke the other side of the heart, often can produce some bad things, most of the time, no active to speak to each other, You don’t have to ask. Because most of the time the other person will not tell the truth, so why do you have to test, ask the way

7. At first about his experience on a date, is not advice and boy to speak too much about you, want to remain a mystery, just like a movie, you know in advance the outcome, so will reduce the interest in this movie, in the same way, too early to tell each other your things first each other will not necessarily serious want to listen to, the in the mind also feel very drop, It is also inappropriate to lower his expectations and interest in you.

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