Any other tips for a date other than dinner and a movie?

1. How to schedule appointments? Women’s emotional needs are usually strongest at night, so making a date later in the day will help you move the relationship forward quickly. But if the girl is not strong enough to trust you, or the girl tutor is strict, the character is conservative, the other person may not be willing to come out at night with you, this time can choose the time in the afternoon of the weekend. This has two advantages: one does not delay the girl to sleep in, but also gives her enough time to dress up. On the other hand, if you feel comfortable and trust in your date, maybe you can go to an evening movie with her. Note :(when asking for a date, be sure to understand the girl’s emotional state.) If the girl does not have a boyfriend, you can choose to ask her out on Sunday night, because the next day you don’t have to work, and it is less stressful to go out. If the girl has a boyfriend, it is recommended not to ask out easily, it is easy to be rejected. If you really want to try, ask her out on a normal night, because she may not be able to go out on the weekends.

2. Choosing a Date Location Conventional wisdom leads men to believe that a date must be dinner or a movie. But from my personal experience, eating and going to the movies are not only a waste of time, but also a waste of opportunity. Besides, every time I date a girl, I always go to dinner and see a movie. Even if you’re not bored, girls will be. If the date is too boring, maybe after a few dates the girl will never go out with you again. Because, the purpose of dating is to communicate and upgrade. Eating is inherently distracting, and it’s not conducive to communicating and upgrading relationships. If you watch a movie, chances are the girl is watching the movie and you can’t do anything. So hot pot, barbecue, movie theater, concert hall and so on are not a good place for a date. A good place for a date should be a place that is emotional and can communicate. For example, a large shopping mall with lots of food, drinks and entertainment, or a relatively quiet Qing bar where two people can have a glass of wine and chat. Not only can exchange feelings, but also facilitate the relationship upgrade. Of course, when choosing a date location, you can also decide according to the girl’s personality characteristics. If the girl is the “ladylike” type, buy her an ice cream and stroll around the light market. If the girl is the “free and easy type”, you can take her to a bar or a video game city and get high together. If a girl likes horoscopes and divination, take her to play tarot cards… There are plenty of places to visit in every city. The key is to do your homework before you go on a date to make sure you give your date the perfect date experience and make sure she is attracted to you.

3, the specific date location reference will be listed below may not be common, but can let a person’s eyes bright date location, you can go to search their own city have what is available to choose.

  • ① Independent coffee shops, small bars, dark food tasting Many delicate and delicious shops are often hidden in the corners of the city, you can find some of these shops. And then on the date to bring a girl, this will let the other person will think that you are a tasteful, and understand the life of the boy. As far as I know, 99% of girls have no resistance to small animals. It’s in the nature of women to always be interested in cute objects.
  • ② Pick fruit at the zoo, aquarium and orchard

  • ③ Bowling, billiards, escape room, boating, rock climbing

    If the girl you like likes sports, ask her to do something meaningful.

    For example, hiking, cycling and so on. Supporting and assisting each other in activities helps build intimacy and trust. And sports can let girls see you healthy sunshine, full of vitality.

  • Oil painting and Musical Instruments are more suitable for girls who like literature and art, but the premise is that you also have to know something about these. Then, talk to the girl about her areas of interest. This will help her connect with you emotionally. And these offers can not only test the girl’s attitude, but also increase the comfort of working together.
  • ⑤ Take your partner along the path you’ve taken since you were a child, the school you went to as a child, and the restaurants and stores you frequented

    Telling stories about your childhood or embarrassing moments while you’re walking is even more rewarding, and it can make you feel more intimate and familiar with a girl instantly.

  • ⑥ Climbing, campers in the natural environment is easier to relax, if the girl usually less out, then take her to the nature to walk, will let each other have a fresh feeling. Secondly, climbing a mountain is a physical job, and there must be mutual help in the process. Slight physical contact can also increase the intimacy of both sides. Finally, “difficult and bitter” ascended to the peak, a small sense of accomplishment can also become a good memory of everyone.
  • ⑦ Go to museums and independent bookstores. This is a great opportunity to play pussy with girls. In the museum, you can show off your cram knowledge; At an independent bookstore, pick out an unusual novel for her. In the soft music, comfortable environment, the girl will slowly open the box. And with so many books, so many exhibits, is there no topic? Tired of shopping, and girls together to drink a cup of coffee, eat a simple and exquisite dinner, is a wonderful day.

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