How to maintain a good relationship?

How do maintain a good relationship? How do learn tolerance to maintain a good relationship? The following for you to maintain a good relationship how to do related skills, I hope to help you oh! No man is perfect. After the romantic love period, finally, become a family, the mystery between the lovers slowly disappeared, and the hidden shortcomings in love began to expose. What you present to the other person is your true self. Sometimes you will feel disappointed and regret how you married such a person. At this time, you have to understand that people will have shortcomings, and those who have no shortcomings are the biggest shortcomings. Since you accept her (him), you have to accept all the other side, including the flaws. To be generous, to be tolerant of people, when the other side has a mistake, you don’t have to be unreasonable, don’t be aggressive, seize the shortcomings of the other side, you can be in everyone’s attitude is relatively peaceful, good communication with him (her), at the right time, point out the other side’s mistakes, the other side is easier to accept. Both husband and wife should pay more attention to their behavior, as far as possible, because people’s patience is limited, don’t do too much, or when she (he) can’t bear it, the family is also facing collapse.

To maintain a good relationship to do 2, list the other advantages of general estranged couples tend to see the faults of the other so that more see more not pleasing to the eye, actually each other, of course, is not only not a bad thing, but if the contradiction between the development of husband and wife to feel their spouses only and no bad thing, that is afraid is both because of the negative transference of psychology. At this point, it is time to solve the problem with the method of discovering strengths, that is, consciously discovering the strengths of your spouse. Psychologists in the United States have a three-week program called Relationship Improvement, in which couples who are in a relationship with each other ask themselves to find one good thing about each other every day for three weeks and tell each other about it. It may feel awkward for the first few days, but after a few days, it will come naturally. By the end of the twenty-first day, most couples find it easy to list each other’s good qualities. Of course, the purpose of this method is to make couples with emotional discord get rid of the negative empathy psychology, as long as it can achieve this purpose, the time can be long or short.

The research psychologists found that about half of the couples who lost their relationship were only because of their strong personalities, and the result was that they couldn’t get along with each other. I always find that there are a lot of things that do not involve the principle of right and wrong, so don’t take these too seriously. Another thing is to change your behavior. Whether they can tolerate each other, understand each other, and adapt to each other’s personalities. If you can not demand each other, first change their own words, believe that the emotional crisis between the big wife is not easy to form.

Five, mutual appreciation, praise between husband and wife to learn to appreciate each other, don’t always stare at each other’s shortcomings, to learn to appreciate her (his) advantages, from time to time to give praise. For example, if your wife has worked hard to cook a table of dishes, you should enjoy them with an attitude of appreciation, praise, and gratitude. You can lose no time in saying: “The craft of the wife is good, and the food is delicious.” Her heart will be very benefited and her enthusiasm will be higher. This is also a great trick for men to be lazy. People love compliments, even adults. My husband used to not understand, and always hit my enthusiasm, when he said I cook food that is not delicious, I will retard: “You cook delicious, then you cook well.” Later he learned to be clever, from time to time to say some beautiful words, although I also know he is a little against the heart, at least it will not cause me to dislike him. Don’t think it is an old husband and wife, men occasionally sweet words or want, no woman does not like. For example, the wife bought a new dress, she turned around in front of the mirror, you are his first audience, when she ran to you full of joy to ask you if you are not good-looking, you have to pretend to appreciate it, praise a few words, do not look at all, perjuring to say: “good-looking, good-looking.” That way she’ll think you don’t care. Do not think that this is a small trick to ignore, the harmonious relationship between husband and wife often relies on these to be more harmonious men want to learn.

How to maintain a good relationship Six, mutual trust Trust is the most basic element of maintaining a husband and wife relationship. Learn to trust each other, and don’t be paranoid all day. If even a minimum of trust is gone, the couple is almost done. You have to believe that your eyes were not wrong. If it gets to the point where one partner has to guard against the other, the relationship is difficult to reconcile. There is such a woman, she always likes to spread her experience to other women, that is to ask her husband to pay the monthly salary, leaving only 100 yuan as pocket money. She thinks men can’t be bad if they don’t have money. If his husband wants to be bad, there is always another way. No matter whether men or women, if they want to go bad, they can’t be controlled. If they don’t go bad, they can’t be controlled. Why bother that God? Don’t you feel too tired to make yourself a formidable enemy and be afraid all day long?

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