What’s a good place to go on a first date?

The first date is usually the boys have the initiative, which places to go, what to eat, but usually don’t know the girl before, it is difficult to choose the place, so in the first date, the boys should observe the appearance, guess the girl’s preferences, do things according to the person.

What’s a good place to go for a first date?

When a girl comes for a date, he must arrive earlier than the girl, this is the basic courtesy, when she stands with you, it means that your date has officially started, and then the guy should choose the best place for the date according to the girl’s actual situation. Here are eight recommended places to date:

1. Cinema: if the girl is more subtle, not much, watching the movie is a good choice, choose the movie can not be too sad, otherwise if the girl is more sensitive will think it is a bad start; The movie can’t be too funny, otherwise she will think you have no connotation, this varies from person to person, the best is to let the girl choose to see the movie.

2. Go to the park: The park is a great place for couples to meet, but you shouldn’t sit on park chairs. Unless you have a lot to talk about in the first place, you should go on a yacht or swing.

3. Sports: When you first meet a girl, unless she wants to, sports is also good, because sports can make people have passion, of course, you can’t be inferior to others.

4. Amusement parks, amusement park, it’s easy to let people very happy, their psychology, let a person is in a state of excitement, at the same time can make some romantic atmosphere, and the body is easy to have the opportunity to touch, the boys have to be a gentleman, first met not step in, otherwise once the girl have alert psychology, back then it is very bad.

5. Take a walk: take a walk is the most simple thing, walk on the road with moonlight, sometimes simple is happiness, of course, you have to let her walk on the sidewalk, and try to keep a distance of 20 centimeters with her, keep the pace consistent.

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