How to keep a close relationship?

No matter how many years of marriage, more than two people together, in the same space, honest relatively, whether love each other, as long as in a marriage, it would be good for the other half keep loyalty, to communicate with other heterosexual draw a line, the most trusted each other when their best friends, in addition to the routine, there must be the expression of true feelings in it, there are apologetic about the first time to communicate with the other half, First of all to express their feelings, instead of blaming endlessly face difficulty together, help each other repair Taiwan, in front of the person outside of two people, even their parents, also must maintain the interests of the other party, at least don’t hurt each other, because two people are each other to make life of people don’t agree, rational thought, if it is not big, this next time listen to you listen to him, Don’t rise to the other family quarrel, stop talking before the escalation, calm down and back again, two people together thinking about how to deal with, if do hurt each other must be frank to apologize, no matter how long, the most important, must apologize two don’t stop learning and personal growth, self communication is invalid, you want to learn how to deal with, how to grow the self, Never stop learning, learn how to create love and happiness, can’t let the problem by means of escape and transfer, or suppress their emotions and feelings, don’t ask through crooked people problems, have their own ideas and choices, and the choice of the corresponding responsibility for yourself don’t too much too much personal desires, otherwise not only will not have a close relationship, There are boundaries, there are principles, the relationship between husband and wife is the core relationship of the whole family, be sure to stick together, don’t let outsiders hurt the relationship, try to know and understand your partner, never forget the best qualities of your partner, everyone has both good and bad sides, More appreciation and praise each other hope you praise his aspects can think of so much temporarily hope that everyone can find happiness in marriage, after marriage, two people than a person to live more meaningful.

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