Who should make the first move on a first date? What are the few taboos?

Many people struggle after the first date whether or not to take the initiative, how to continue development, in fact, generally after love should be the main male contact girls, because girls will be shy to speak out, boys can be proactive.

Who should make the first move on a first date

1. It’s better for guys to make the first move after a date

In dating, boys play a very important role. Not only do guys have to be generous, but they also have to learn to make the first move in order to successfully attract attention. When the first date is over, if the guy likes the other guy, he can make contact with the other guy so he can know how he feels.

2. Don’t be too pushy after a date

Many people can’t help but connect with the opposite sex after a date. Of course, it is a good thing to take the initiative to contact each other, but too active will make each other feel that this is in courting, after all, you just met, if too active will make girls feel insecure, and even will be disliked by each other!

3. Give a proper greeting after the date

After the first date, if you feel like you’re in a good place, don’t pass up the opportunity. Can be about the other party almost home, take the initiative to send a message to greet each other, so that you can also let each other feel that you are a very careful person.

4. Don’t rush to ask again after a date

After your first date, when guys are testing each other, they should also be careful not to ask each other out in a hurry. It is easy to make them feel that you are in a hurry. Wait UNTIL YOU ARE FAMILIAR WITH EACH OTHER, CAN KNOW the OTHER side IS HOW to think, THIS TIME again INVITE NOT LATE, THIS POINT BOY STILL SHOULD PAY ATTENTION TO!

  • It’s better who makes the first move after the first meeting

It is better for the man to take the initiative, while the woman should be more reserved. But I don’t rule out that some guys are shy, which requires you to take the initiative. How to do it depends on your heart. If you love him, don’t worry about these problems. Love him boldly. You have a crush on the other person, and when you’re done, you want him to think about you. This is his process of determining his impression of you. It is recommended not to initiate contact at this time, wait and see what happens. Generally, when a guy comes home, if he has a good impression of you, he will chat with you in time or at least within three days. Offer to meet you for the second time in a week. If things develop like this, then what do you still take the initiative to dress up beautiful, pay more attention to his circle of friends, prepare some chat topics, when dating quit to quit mania!

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