Six tips for Getting a first Date with a Girl

1. Let your body “speak” your mind. Experience has shown that “body language” often conveys more information and emotions to the other person. So if your verbal skills are mediocre, keep in mind that what you say on a first date will yield very little in the way of surprising results. According to the researchers’ calculations, the first effect you have on a first date is 55 percent based on your appearance and “body language,” 38 percent on your speaking skills, and only 7 percent on what you say. This means that with some simple psychological techniques (even if the conversation is just about the weather), you might be able to win someone’s affections. To do this, your body must be able to send some implicit positive signals to the other person. First things first: never stand in front of each other with your arms crossed; Second, copying the other person’s posture helps people feel a sense of closeness. In addition, it is best to take a few can show you mature temperament or tender charm method, for example, the hand is inserted into the trouser pocket, in order to show their chest. Finding a way to keep both sides on the same page, such as sharing a drink, can also work well.

2. Experiencing Fear Together Nothing brings two people together like an extreme situation. Stressful situations can lead to major changes in your life. Research has shown that if a person is in a very emotional state when meeting someone else, it greatly increases their chances of experiencing romantic feelings. This is because there is a close connection between panic, excitement and adoration. In the 1970 s in a program called “swing bridge” experiment, psychologist freddy adu, Aaron and Dan da tong found that if a man on a bridge of jiggled meeting with the lady, so he will feel each other more sexy and romantic – it will all be considerably higher than in low degree and produced during the solid bridge on dating women feel. Of course, this doesn’t mean that the first date has to be in some extreme situation. In fact, in the relatively calm times we live in today, a single experience at a playground can dramatically increase our adrenaline levels. Research has shown that couples are more likely to develop romantic feelings after watching a film that is full of suspense or tension, the equivalent of watching a film that is not very exciting. As for why, no one has yet been able to explain. It may be that the increased level of adrenaline caused by fear plays a key role. There’s a minor exception, though: while stressful situations can make people who are already perfectly cute seem more likable, they can also make people who aren’t cute seem more annoying.

3. Choose the Right Music to Accompany You On the whole, those who play avant-garde jazz are probably the unluckiest people in the world. Music that is soft and simple is best for emotional development, according to a study by US psychologists. Studies have shown that soft music is more likely to make women feel good about men, while jazz or total silence is likely to have the opposite effect. Also, avoid serious concerts on a first date.

4. Laugh Together Love and laughter go hand in hand. A sense of humor has always featured prominently in the list of factors traditionally thought to have led to affection between men and women. Experiencing laughter together creates a sense of closeness between strangers. A classic experiment was conducted by the American psychologists Adur Alon and Dan Datone. They asked two strangers who didn’t know each other to work together on playful activities like learning to dance. During this, they blindfolded one partner and asked the other to hold a straw (to prevent him from speaking freely). Although the sounds these two make seem silly, it turns out that love does come with laughter.

It’s impossible to blindfold a woman on a first date, but it’s perfectly possible to try and tell a few jokes.

5. Use the “love panacea” Although there have long been attempts to create a miracle drug that will enhance mutual affection, there has been no success so far. Animal studies have shown that injecting pituitrin can make male mice feel a strong attachment to female mice. Some illegal drugs, like cocaine, can also give people a sense of pleasure and increase dopamine levels. However, taking drugs for love should be avoided entirely. Exercise also increases dopamine levels in the blood, the researchers said. In addition, the body synthesizes a substance called feniletilamin (commonly known as the “love molecule”), which also causes people to become excited and feel a sense of inexplicable happiness. Chocolate is also known to be rich in phenylethylamine.

6. Look into your partner’s eyes As any flirtatious woman knows, eyes are a highly effective means of expressing emotion. Psychologists’ research also proves that eyes are indeed a very powerful weapon. Experiments have shown that when two strangers are sitting opposite each other, looking at each other’s eyes is far more likely to induce feelings of closeness than looking at other parts of the body. But to the scientists’ surprise, two of the strangers even planned to get married immediately after the experiment was over! There’s nothing magical about this, according to psychiatrists: When we look at someone, the area of the brain involved in receiving reward information is activated, leading to feelings of affection. These are some dating tips. If you apply them to your date, you will have surprising results.

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