The essence of the relationship between husband and wife is not love, but cooperation

How to choose marriage is wrong, long marriage is wrong.” In marriage, why do you sometimes go wrong? Most of the time, when you know that two people do not love, you can still maintain this relationship through cooperation. Marx said: “Marriage without love can also continue to live, only love marriage is unrealistic marriage.” Sometimes love in marriage is not how important, the essence of the relationship between husband and wife is not loving, but two people can cooperate, to harmonize.

Some people will marry a deeply loved person when they get married, and some people will marry a deeply loved person when they get married, but after the two people married, they did not live well and divorced a few years later. This is what Marx said, sometimes only a love marriage is unrealistic marriage because love is more important than cooperation. Although sometimes we feel that we can only choose to cooperate with others when we are at work, love should be about feelings and marriage should be based on love. But sometimes love without cooperation is not enough.

01. It takes parity to be able to work together well in a marriage. So a lot of people think: when looking for a partner, find a better than themselves, and such a person together can improve themselves, however, sometimes if this person is much better than you, you will find that your future life will not be coordinated. People in ancient times often said, “When you marry someone, you should match your family.” In today’s society, the family level is not very serious about this matter, but if the difference between two people is too great, there will be a lot of contradictions after being together.

Imagine that in a marriage, if two people are equal, then no matter what happens to each other, or what happens to themselves, the two people can coordinate to do it, rather than because one person can help, and the other person has to be a drag bottle. When you’re in a marriage and you’re asking people to help you all the time and you can’t do anything, that’s when the other person is going to have a problem with you and you’re going to have a lower status in the marriage. Therefore, when smart people marry others, they always think about whether their ability and the ability of others can match, and even if they can’t match, they can’t be too different. Some people just look at each other’s good looks, never think about whether it is suitable for themselves, and never think about whether the other party is equal to themselves, so they blindly marry each other. Such irresponsible and each other together, and eventually will be separated from each other. So in the face of marriage, or to find parity, to know that marriage is cooperation, if you have this opponent ability and you are not too close, then there will be no good living in the future.

“I am a person who is not too demanding or even hopeful about marriage. My principles are not to increase the burden on the other half, to have beauty and wealth, to maintain their independent personality and life, and to do the best of themselves,” Zhao said. Through Zhao Wei’s words, it can be seen that many people in the marriage are more for each other’s sake, so two people will be happy. In the face of Zhao Wei’s marriage, most people think that Zhao Wei married each other for money, and many people think that Zhao Wei is lucky to hold a rich man. Zhao Wei has such an idea, so she will marry well. Many women can get a very good marriage, but because their ideas are not good, they bury this marriage in vain. Therefore, in marriage, smart people know how to cooperate. When the other party cannot give them something in marriage, they can strive for it without giving them some burden.

Marriage is like cooperation, not always some burden on each other, when you give each other the burden, the other party will be bored for a long time. Two people are to cooperate, but sometimes it is necessary to think more about each other, and sometimes it is not to be unreasonable or even to forgive others. At this time, marriage may face a crisis. It has been proved that marriage is essential to accommodate, accommodate each other’s bad, but also to understand each other’s difficulties. Cooperation in marriage is not the same as cooperation in work. Cooperation in marriage also has some emotional color, so when the other party is not satisfied with you, do not force the other party to do something that the other party does not want to do, or make the other party sad. A good marriage is the joint pay of two people, rather than a person’s unilateral, silent pay for everything.

“People who are irresponsible in marriage are like people who don’t abide by contracts at work,” said Tu Lei, an expert. So when a person cares about marriage, he will always swear to each other, so after marriage, he must be responsible for each other, whether it is a man or a woman. In life, there are a lot of men who, after marriage may not be responsible for their wives, because men are unable to resist the temptation of the outside world, and women are different. When a person is not responsible for his marriage, he does not abide by the principles of cooperation in marriage, and at this time the other party has the right to blame you. Smart people understand that a good marriage is two people responsible together, and will be together for a better tomorrow.

04. Love without cooperation, will finally shoot two scattered Ding Yangguo said: “Marriage is the grave of love, after marriage, we should prevent ourselves from moving the grave, and prevent others from robbing the grave.” As it turns out, if one partner cheats on the other in the future, there must have been some problems in the marriage before that, and that’s why it happened. I have an aunt who used to have a good relationship with her husband, but with the development over time, the relationship between my aunt and her husband is getting worse. When the feelings of two people have a crisis, but the aunt will not take the initiative to communicate with each other the other party takes the initiative to communicate with the aunt, and the aunt will also avoid each other.

Sometimes, when the other party to communicate with you, you must respond to the other party, this time the other party will feel your cooperation. If there is a problem in the marriage, one party is always trying, but the other party is not moving, then the two people will not be able to communicate. It turns out that love without cooperation will eventually break up. But the kind of people who can be considerate and understand others in the back, and can maintain their independent personality can get better and better with each other. The essence of the relationship between husband and wife is not loving, sometimes it is just cooperation. Sometimes the marriage does not talk about love, and is very hurtful, but sometimes the truth is that, if only rely on love to bring each other together, it is better to rely on cooperation and each other together.

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