Never go to dinner on a first date

① Why don’t you just go to dinner on a first date?

② What are the better choices?

Many boys ask a girl out for the first time, especially the blind date introduced, the most direct idea is to ask her out for dinner and chat.

In case you run out of things to talk about, you can choose to eat something to hide your embarrassment, but this is a very bad option.

  • What are the disadvantages of choosing a dinner table as a meeting place?

1. The choice of meal will affect the timing and pace of your conversation. First of all, the basic purpose of a man and woman meeting on a first date must be to get to know each other better. After all, just like Tao Lu talked about before, across the mobile phone, the other party’s circle of friends may be looking for network pictures, personal photos may be beautiful, profound knowledge may be temporary search, do not meet, after all, can not know more real each other. By what? By talking, of course. So if you choose dinner, will you have a lot of time to talk? You can’t talk to your partner when you eat, and you can’t talk to her when she eats. Even if you eat for an hour and a half, you may not talk for half an hour, which is a very inefficient use of time. In addition, two people are unlikely to eat in a private room, so two people must be in an open environment. If the other diners around you are more vocal or emotional, trust me, it will be more awkward.

2. Not having a topic makes it awkward. It’s even worse if you’re holding it in case there’s nothing to talk about and you can eat to cover your embarrassment. No conversation, even if you eat, can only cover up for a while, awkward still awkward, two people on a date with their heads down to eat, the atmosphere is not more awkward? Besides, about the table, waiting for dinner and eating time, even if it is slow, it will take more than half an hour? Think of you may have to stay in the awkward atmosphere for more than half an hour, during this half an hour or so may also need to rescue, this tangle, who knows.

3. Single scenes are not conducive to bonding. For dinner, the time is usually around six o ‘clock in the evening. After dinner, it is about seven or eight o ‘clock in the evening. At this time, no matter how much you talk, you can only say goodbye to each other and go home. Maybe some people will choose to watch a movie, Tao Lu would like to ask, watching a movie for a long time can not communicate, what do you want, just sit with her for a while? The more things two people experience together, the greater the chance of bonding, and sharing a meal, which she has experienced with many people, there is nothing you can do to trigger other emotions in her. Therefore, the first date should try to experience as many things as possible with her, the scene change, from this point, eating is not a good choice.

4. High established costs. As Tao said before, when you meet someone for the first time, you don’t know if what you know is true or if the other person is faking it, and the expectation of a first date is not clear. The place to eat the date, or the first time to eat, must not be too low grade, a meal of more than 100 yuan may be low grade. If two people talk well and better, if not, in addition to the loss of money and time, the impact on mood may be greater.

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