What can a straight introvert do on a first date with a girl?

Rather than what you can do, it might be useful to say a few things you’d better not do. The first time to meet, do not send things, especially flowers or silk scarves and other gifts, not to say that things are too cheap girls look up to, but the first meeting we are not familiar with, girls will feel embarrassed and burden. Don’t look back and forth when talking or looking at the sky, girls see that you are not confident, the image will be discounted. Don’t say disparaging words, the truth can not say, the same reason, like a person to try to slowly get better, and then let her know. Don’t think girls are not paying attention when stealing to look at other people’s breasts or buttocks or thighs, once the girl found a clue, the image points fell to zero. Don’t go downstairs or work without an appointment in advance and tell them I’ll pick you up. It’s not thoughtful, it’s abrupt. If you have a crush on her after meeting her, you can ask her “Did you get home safely?” To test the girl’s reaction, there is a reply that is successful, no reply on the temporary do not continue to send messages, such as cooling one night to try again. Don’t clock in “good morning” or “good night” every day, especially if the other person doesn’t respond. To start a conversation, instead of starting with “Did you go to work?” or “Are you up?” start with an anecdote like “I saw today… Have a good laugh “or post a video of a cat licking its PAWS. If you’re sure the other person likes you back, then do more of the above. If you have a level of looks or wealth that makes people fall for you, you can do whatever you want and chances are you won’t be rejected on the first meeting. Except obscene.

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