How long can a couple survive without sex?

I remember when I was studying Ma Zhe, I read that sex, ideals, and responsibility are the three elements of love and marriage. So now I want to ask you, how long can couples survive without sex? To summarize these three elements, sex is a physiological need. Sex clearly distinguishes love from other emotions in the world, such as the love of relatives, the love of friends, or the friendship of comrades, making love a special “erotic love”. Ideal gives love a profound connotation and is the internal basis for love growth. The mutual contrast of personality and mutual recognition of interest form the common ideal of life for each other, so that love has great inspiring power, which can stimulate people’s spirit, stimulate people’s wisdom, and submerge people’s morality.

Responsibility is the sublimation of sex and ideal, and it is also the important guarantee of long-term love, and it is the “touchstone” of loyal love. At all times and in China and abroad, the love praised by people reflects the dedication of lovers to each other. This kind of voluntary responsibility enriches the connotation of love and enhances the realm of love. Homepage Jun believes that sex is one of the three essential elements of love and marriage, but it may not be impossible to form a marriage without sex. For example, in the story of the three-level film 3D Sex and Zen in Hong Kong a few years ago, the hero and heroine experienced the ups and downs of life. Finally, although there is no sex, but love and responsibility make them still grow old together and respect each other. For example, during the period of turmoil in China, many couples got together because of revolutionary ideals. I believe that even without sex, their common pursuit of ideals is enough for them to rely on each other for a lifetime.

Of course, the above examples are all three elements and only one element is missing. Homepage You think:

If the three elements are complete, it must be a great harmony of life.

If one of the three elements is missing, it is still possible to have a good marriage.

If two of the three elements are missing, the marriage is in danger, and it is difficult to maintain only one element.

Of course, with social changes and economic development, the three elements are also quietly changing, at least in the hearts of some people. For example, money can make the ghost push the mill. Do you see many women would rather cry in a BMW than laugh on a bicycle?

So in some people’s minds, the three elements can also be sex, money, and responsibility. Or become four elements, five elements.

Regardless of the variation, the more missing elements, the harder it is to maintain a relationship. So concerning the opening question, how long can a couple survive without sex? The answer can be obtained by combining the other elements of the party.

How long do you think your marriage would last without sex? Send messages to the homepage or come to the forum to communicate.

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