8 Tips for Dating a Girl for the first Time

Chasing girls, is a very high cost of investment, money is about to pay, no money is about to take time. The success of the first date determines the most important step for a man to pursue a woman!

So, how do you date a girl? How can you improve your first date success?

1. Know what they like

Before pursuing a person, you have to do your homework and know her likes and dislikes and living habits. If she likes art-house movies, you have to drag her to see gunfight movies. If she won’t touch seafood, go for crayfish. She is afraid of the sun, but you want to take her to the beach…… In the end, it must be an unhappy parting!

2. Dress sense

Dress up is very important, taste is given priority to, brand next! Don’t just wear anything that goes with it. Don’t think what’s popular will look good! Wear clothes that suit you and highlight your strengths, not the latest. Dress neatly, simple and generous, not sloppy and not too formal and dull!

3. Meeting place

Consider the type of person you are dating. If you are ladylike, fresh, artistic or business, afternoon tea is a good idea (remember to arrive 15 minutes early and send a text message saying “I’m here”). As for the sports and crazy girl type, you can ask your friends to play ball or games with you (the friends you find are the foil, never more handsome than you, than you have demeanor, than you can talk). Had BETTER CHOOSE MORE PROSPEROUS SECTION, as FAR AS POSSIBLE FROM THE SCHOOLgirl residence A FEW closer, CAN GIVE UP HER SCRUPLE SO! Places like zoos, parks, and botanical gardens are not suitable for first dates!

4. Be witty

Women say to find an honest and dutiful, but in fact like and eloquent chat. Gossip ends in the wise, chat ends in hehe!

On a first date, the atmosphere is very important and should make both of you feel at ease. As a man, be confident enough to broach the subject, talk naturally, treat her as your friend, and talk like a friend. Don’t be too enthusiastic, keep asking questions; Don’t be too serious and cool, too cool! Don’t brag about your knowledge. She doesn’t need an encyclopedia. And don’t show off your work too much. She’s not here to see you act like a pussy! Try to find topics that interest her and get her to talk more. You can also talk about some interesting topics, such as gossip, horoscopes, travel, black humor and so on.

5. Praise girls

Pay attention to what the girl is wearing (usually a girl would dress up for a date with a guy), and when you meet her, pay a compliment like, “Wow, you look so beautiful today, I didn’t recognize you.” Also can compliment each other’s hairstyle, dress up, temperament, etc., appearance and figure do not mention.

6. Romance (≠ high consumption)

Under the conditions, it’s easier to impress a girl with romance and surprise. But remember: Romance doesn’t equal high spending! A lot of guys think that a first date costs a lot of money and romance costs a lot of money…… In fact, you don’t have to spend so much money, even a lot of money, what if you two don’t get together? Really can come together, often the woman will understand you, is what income on what life.

There is a saying that “the details decide the success or failure”, for a girl, the first time to date with you, she is more important to the details: a warm eyes, a concerned word, when walking intentionally let the girl walk inside…… Can make their hearts like deer, this is romantic. Romance is when you keep an eye on her and make her feel it, like when you’re walking down the street and you pull her to a stop and push an eyelash away from under her eyelid. Such action is just a small thing, but it fully shows that you pay 100 percent attention to her. No woman can resist a man’s stealing. They want to be cared for and cared for. So, NOT EQUAL TO put down your male chauvinism so-called face, show the man’s delicate and considerate side!

7, playing hard to get is an emotional kill technique, not enough is the highest realm

Give yourself hints and subliminals that the point of dating is to test her and see if she’s worth it, not to chase her! Keeping your distance and letting the other person know that you don’t want to hang on to the same tree can have an unexpected effect. For example, try to walk away from her when you’re shopping with her, showing that you don’t have any needs for her, that you’re generous, and that you don’t intend to cling to her. At the same time, don’t make too much contact on the night of the first date. Don’t ask her silly questions about how her date went or whether she was happy that night or the next day.

8. Don’t give gifts

Don’t rush into giving gifts on the first date (except for birthdays, Valentine’s Day, and Chinese Valentine’s Day). Too many dinners and gifts will only push you into the friendship zone. You should attract her with your own humor, not gifts.

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