What’s the best relationship you’ve ever seen?

My parents. My mother was a teacher, and a cultural person at a young age, and my father was a worker. The combination of the two is very difficult, in the final analysis, grandma looked down on grandma, my mother said that after I was born, grandma allowed my mother to return to her home. In memory when I was a kid, my mom liked to read books and newspapers, and every night the home firm the “news broadcast”, my dad graduated from junior high school and have no interest in news broadcast, he is a workshop worker, interested in the machinery is not big, is very fond of wood, so my mother while watching the news and I share the view of news, My dad crouched on the side looking at the drawings, researching how thick a tree he would need to go back to grandpa’s house to cut down to make a study table for me.

My parents are from the south, but, amazingly, my mother likes to eat pasta very much. Others often have rice, while my family often has sliced noodles, egg noodles, shredded meat noodles… My father also protested once, the effect was remarkable, my mother did not cook noodles for us to eat, but my father did not know which day to start to learn to make noodles, and then simply bought a noodle machine. I am privately dissatisfied: Dad don’t you also don’t like to eat noodles? My dad back: You didn’t find that mother can only eat half a bowl of rice but can eat a big bowl of noodles? I’m not filial, I didn’t find out. At the beginning of my study, my mother had a chance to study in the provincial capital for half a year. My grandmother, who has always loved my mother, was very opposed to it. She said to my father in private: You must not let her go out. You see, she is born better than you, has more culture than you, and looks better, and there are too many temptations in the big city… (ROUGHLY THIS MEANING) MY DAD REPLIES: YOU REST ASSURED, SHE WHAT PERSON I KNOW BETTER THAN YOU.

After my mother’s study, the work of taking care of me every day was on my father’s shoulders, so I became a regular customer in his workshop, always finishing my homework in the roar of the machine. Always writing wrong is not a problem of the environment, it is that you have not learned what the teacher taught! Later, my mother came back and often taught herself at home after work. My father simply did not allow me to play with my classmates at home. He said that the noise I generated affected my mother’s studies.

college entrance examination results are just as good as Guang Zong Yao Zu, family friends and relatives to congratulate, always my mother, my father accompany, others praise their parenting, my father always back: A Chan (my mother’s small name) is a teacher, she teaches well, I will not teach children.

Grandpa doesn’t like my mom, who loves to dress up and has a cheerful personality. She occasionally buys some dispensable decorations to decorate the home, which my grandpa thinks is a waste.

In the third year of college, I forgot why. My mother, who never reported good news, cried to me on the phone that life could not go on, and grandpa forced my father and my mother to divorce. When I asked for leave to get home, I just saw my father in the passbook, next to the paper and pen calculation. Asked my dad what to do. He did not look up and said: Your grandfather said that he would pay some money for our house, he said that he would not let your mother live in the house of money, I calculate how much money there is in the family, take out the money to pay him back. I asked: Will you get divorced? The man who never said bad words (my mother didn’t allow him to say bad words) looked up at me: Fuck!

When I was studying in a foreign country, my father was ill in hospital, and my family almost sold the house to see a doctor. Anyway, the car was sold, my mother’s gold jewelry was also sold, and all the valuable things in the family were sold, leaving only one suit. I didn’t know that. My mother always reports good news, not bad news. Christmas holiday back to China, see my dad thin only a bone, sitting in the rocking chair in the sun, I was shocked, after asking to know, he went back and forth several times. I said, Thank God you’re okay. My dad back: Thank a fart world, thank your mother to go! My father is seriously ill, has always been my mother a person not to undress care (happened during that period, grandpa fall fractures, my uncle had a car accident, in addition to my mom no one can take care of him), and the school doesn’t allow her to take a long vacation said to leave out for a long time, my mother back, you’ll fire, firework there, the old man is only one!

I was very moved, but my mother smiled happily: son, give you the money to marry a wife also used up! When my mother went to the kitchen to serve food, my father’s eyebrows were full of pride: see, marry a wife to marry such! The voice fell to listen to my mother in the kitchen River east lion roar: ××× (my father’s full name) you steal to eat braised pork again! What did the doctor say? How dare you steal it! My father could not get up anymore, and he hung his head to let my mother criticize education in a high voice.

To work after, my father than my mother worried my marriage, this time he has is a workshop director, not a government, but the day is very moist, parents alive, couples harmony, son know endeavor, he not only and others is that their peers with grandchildren all go out for a walk, I haven’t even a girl of his son’s home, On the contrary, the good male friend of the game took several times to the home. My father is very worried, worried for a long time, nagging, nagging not I nagging my mother: we are half of the loess buried neck people, no grandchildren to my funeral, I die in peace ah… My mother proudly showed me how she had changed my father’s mind, from a Dink family to an unmarried family, and then never married family to homosexuality. Under her guidance and education step by step, my father finally believed that children and grandchildren had their children and grandchildren, and the son’s happiness was the most important. I was surprised at my dad’s change of mind, but my mother said: your dad just used to be poor at home only reading junior high school, he has a brilliant mind! My mother taught me to do ideological work step by step, and to change the conservative people slowly. After the first meal, my father called me to his bedroom and said, “You should be as good to her (my wife) as I was to your mother, you know?” My MOTHER said to MY wife in the living room: You rest assured, your man character with my man, is sure good to the wife! From my parents’ marriage, I understand that the first place in the family relationship is the relationship between husband and wife. Husband and wife should be tolerant, understanding, loving, trusting, promoting, and achieving each other.


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